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‘Thank God I was in Amarnath, otherwise I would have drowned you…’, BJP mayor got angry at whom?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Mayor Pramila Pandey meeting with officials of Kanpur Municipal Corporation.

Kanpur Mayor Pramila Pandey, who is known for her outspoken and fearless style, on Monday held a large meeting of municipal corporation officials after heavy rains and blamed them for the officials’ negligence on the situation in the city. Many areas of Kanpur were submerged in water due to rains in the last five days. Many such videos also went viral, seeing which people hid in their homes. Kanpur’s BJP mayor Pramila Pandey, expressing her displeasure with the officials at the meeting, even said, “Thank God I was in Amarnath, otherwise I would have drowned you.”

Kanpur Mayor Pramila Pandey, who returned from Amarnath darshan, reprimanded him in a sewer cleaning meeting with municipal corporation officials regarding flood water in the city. Mayor Pramila Pandey expressed her anger in a meeting with the Engineer of Zone-1 regarding the waterlogging near Navin Market, Parade, Lal Imli, VIP Road and Gwaltoli. She scolds and says thank you that I was in Amarnath, otherwise I would have drowned you in the same water.

6 Meeting with Zonal Officers

In this meeting held with the officials of all the six zones, the mayor praised the officials for dealing with several submerged areas of Kanpur. Mayor Pramila Pandey said that the city’s drains have not been cleaned properly. During the meeting, he clearly told the officers that they would have to hear the consequences of their mistakes in the form of complaints. The mayor, who returned from the trip, visited several areas of the city and inspected the cleaning of drains. He reported many such issues to the authorities where no work was done.

During the mayor’s inspection, the sewers were found to be clogged

Mayor Pramila Pandey said that the entire drain near the Regency Hospital in Sarvodaya Nagar was blocked during inspection and there was also silt. Naveen Market drains are full of silt. This time the PPN market was flooded. During the visit, the traders called and gave complete information and also complained to the responsible officials.

Mayor Pramila Pandey gave a clear order to the officials that strict action should be taken against those who supply food in the name of sewage cleaning. Also, after removing the encroachment on the drains and cleaning them, the set was lifted before the next rain. The mayor made it clear that under no circumstances should payments be made until the site is inspected.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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