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Thangalan trailer: Based on KGF, this film will raise the flag of South cinema again!

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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This picture will cause a stir!

The trailer of Thangalan was awaited for many days. The wait is over. The trailer has arrived. Chiyan Vikram is seen wreaking havoc in this. Perhaps this will be the most interesting role of his career.

However, before this we have also seen her strong work in ‘Ponyyin Selvan’. But Tanglan seems to be a different film. The teaser was out a while ago, it has sparked curiosity about ‘Tanglan’. Now even the trailer looks powerful.

What is the story?

The story of Tanglan is a pre-independence story. This is the story of the time of the British. As much as I can understand after watching the trailer. According to him, it seems that the British entrusted the Kolar Gold Field (KGF) tribals with the responsibility of searching for gold. Chiyan Vikram’s character has taken the entire responsibility for this. But the place where they find gold is cursed. As the search for gold starts in KGF, people start dying there. Then a terrible battle ensues. A battle that gives goosebumps. Horses, swords, guns and maces are all here. Things are going to get serious.

Dared Chian

Chiyan Vikram is looking very fierce in the trailer. One gets scared after seeing them. Like he’s going to come off the screen right now and scratch his face. The desi style in which he swings his stick-like weapon is simply delightful. He is going to rock in this film. When its teaser came out, people said it should be sent to the Oscars. Something similar is being said after watching the trailer as well. However, this matter goes further.

The background music heard in the trailer makes the blood rush. On one side is the hooves of horses inciting the war and on the other is its BGM. Also the VFX are very realistic. The first scene itself is captivating. Get it in writing, this picture will explode. This will be a film that will change the direction and the status of Tamil cinema. This may not be a typical South Indian film but a film with raw violence, visuals and story.

Pa. Are Rajit’s traces correct?

While watching the trailer of ‘Tanglan’ you will feel the essence of many films. One thing is that Chian’s last film ‘Ponyyin Selvan’ will have a faint fragrance. However, the setup of both the films is completely different. But since this is a period drama film, this can happen. Some elements of Mani Ratnam’s ‘Raavanan’ will also be seen. ‘Baahubali’ will also be seen to some extent. But that’s just because these are all period drama films. The color palette of each is almost identical.

‘Tanglan’ found in Pa. Directed by Ranjith. He has researched for four to five years for this film. So that every type of detailing can be captured. Pa. Ranjith in his films attacks casteism in depth. Here too he has kept the tribals at the center. Let’s see what style they come up with in this one.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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