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Thakur Musalman gathering on Chandrasekhar’s death anniversary, Is there a new mess in UP politics?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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UP Bihar’s Baahubali Thakur spotted with leaders on former PM Chandrashekhar’s death anniversary

A program was organized in the capital Delhi to mark the 17th death anniversary of former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar, in which several leaders from Uttar Pradesh to Bihar participated. Meanwhile, there were also demands to give Bharat Ratna to Chandrashekhar, but the gathering of Thakur’s strongmen along with former PM’s son and ex-MP Neeraj Shekhar in this death anniversary program has intensified the political upheaval. In such a situation, the question is being raised whether some new khichdi is being cooked in the politics of Uttar Pradesh?

From Baahubali of Purvanchal and former Jaunpur MP Dhananjay Singh to former MLC Yashwant Singh attended the function organized at the Constitution Club of India (CCI) on Chandrasekhar’s death anniversary. Not only this, Bihar strongman Anand Mohan Singh came along with his wife MP Anand Lovely and MLA son Chetan Anand. Jansatta Party chief and Kunda MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh (Raja Bhaiya) was also seen trying to convey a new political message by sharing his picture with Chandrasekhar on social media.

An attempt at unity in the name of Chandrasekhar

Former Prime Minister Chandrasekhar was called the uncrowned king of Purvanchal politics. In the eighties and nineties Thakur leaders from UP to Bihar also considered Chandrasekhar as their messiah. Born in Ibrahimpatti village in Ballia, Chandrasekhar had not held any ministerial post in the state or the center before becoming the prime minister, but his voice echoed from Parliament to the streets. Chandrasekhar was known for his sharp stance and an outspoken leader, and he did not shy away from standing up to anyone, be it the mafia or Thakur community leaders.

Former PM Chandrasekhar died on July 8, 2007 at Apollo Hospital in Delhi. Thakur leaders and Muslims from UP to Bihar participated in the program organized on the 17th death anniversary of Chandrasekhar. From Baahubali Dhananjay Singh and Yashwant Singh to Baahubali Anand Mohan Singh paid tributes along with Neeraj Shekhar at the Samadhi site of Chandrashekhar. After this, Dhananjay Singh posted a picture of the program on social media citing Chandrasekhar’s ‘views and decisions, in which no agreement has been reached, nor will there be’. While Raghuraj Pratap Singh has also tried to give a political message by sharing an old picture of himself with Chandrasekhar.

Signature campaign demanding Bharat Ratna

Bihar’s Baahubali Anand Mohan arrived at the event with his entire family. Meanwhile, he said that there is no other socialist icon bigger than Chandrasekhar in the country. Narendra Niketan, Chandrasekhar’s then headquarters, should be rebuilt in his memory. Along with this, the Bharat Ratna should also be given to the ideal of socialism and the great leader of the poor in Indian politics. It has been asked to write a letter to Prime Minister Modi and start a campaign to get signatures of MLAs and MPs regarding the demand for Bharat Ratna.

From Dhananjay Singh to Yashwant Singh, Raghuraj Pratap Singh and Anand Mohan Singh come in the list of powerful leaders. All these have their own distinct image of Thakur as a leader. Dhananjay Singh wanted his wife to contest the Lok Sabha elections, but after coming out of jail, she backed out. Dhananjay Singh supported BJP in UP. Similarly, after coming out of jail, Anand Mohan along with his family left RJD and joined Janata Dal United (JDU). His wife Lovely Anand Mohan has been elected MP from Shivhar on JDU ticket in the Lok Sabha elections.

Since his release from jail, Anand Mohan has been busy campaigning to establish himself as a Thakur leader in Bihar politics, while Raghuraj Pratap Singh to Dhananjay Singh are trying to establish themselves in the Thakur community in UP. In the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Thakur politics has emerged strongly, with Thakur community panchayats being held in several places in UP, with some even ordering anti-BJP votes.

After entering politics, Dhananjay Singh could not contest for the first time in 2024, when Raghuraj Pratap Singh supported the SP candidate in his influential Kaushambi and Pratapgarh seats and won him. Yashwant Singh Mau was seeking a BJP ticket from the Lok Sabha seat, but the seat went to Subhashpa. SP’s Rajiv Rai became MP from Mau seat. While Chandrashekhar’s son Neeraj Shekhar lost against SP candidate Sanatan Pandey in Ballia Lok Sabha seat.

This time the number of Thakur MPs in Uttar Pradesh has also decreased. In 2014, 17 Thakur MPs from UP won from BJP, but this time only 7 MPs from the state, 5 from BJP and 2 from SP. This is the first time in the political history of UP that so few Thakur MPs have been elected.

In such a situation, the gathering of Thakur leaders and Musalmans on the platform on Chandrasekhar’s death anniversary is being interpreted in many political ways. From Anand Mohan to Raja Bhaiya, the Thakurs are busy building a political base in the community, leading to speculations whether a political pot is being cooked up somewhere in the state?

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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