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Tension rises between Delhi Water Minister Atishi and LG, writes letter demanding probe against tanker mafia

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Atishi and LG VK Saxena.

Delhi Water Minister Atishi and Lt Governor VK Saxena are at loggerheads over water issues. Delhi Water Minister Atishi has written a letter to LG VK Saxena on the ‘tanker mafia’ issue. He wrote that there is a need to investigate possible collusion with the tanker mafia by senior officials of the Delhi government, as there appears to be a deliberate and significant reduction in the number of tankers deployed by the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) last year. . In January 2023, 1,179 tankers were deployed by Delhi Jal Board, and in June 2023 this number was 1203. However, in January 2024, this number was reduced to 888 without my approval and without any consultation with me.

Expressing regret in his letter, he said that I repeatedly raised the issue of shortage of water tankers and asked CEO DJB to increase the number of tankers, but he did not do so.

Delhi Water Minister Atishi said in a letter to the LG that first on March 14, then on April 3 and later on April 12, 2024, he had written to the Chief Secretary asking to increase the number of water tankers. In previous years it had been sought, but he had not done so. This shortage of water tankers deployed by the DJB has increased the possibility of the development of private tanker mafias selling water illegally.

Water Minister wrote to L.G

He said that if the senior officials of the Delhi government have not increased the number of water tankers deployed in the DJB despite the directives of the minister-in-charge, there is serious concern about their nexus with the tanker mafia. The number of tankers was increased only when the acute water crisis started and I threatened to investigate this collusion in an open meeting. Delhi’s water minister said the number of water tankers deployed by the DJB is still less than in June 2023, when there is a severe heat wave and severe water shortage.

Action was demanded

He said that common sense suggests that the number of water tankers deployed by DJB in this heat wave should be more than previous years. However, since this is not happening, there is supposed to be a collusion between senior officials of the Delhi government and the tanker mafia.

The Delhi Water Minister has said in the letter that, therefore, an inquiry committee should be formed to probe the nexus of the Chief Secretary and CEO DJB with the tanker mafia and officials involved in the matter. Whenever the investigation is not completed, they should be suspended, so that the investigation is not affected.

In the meantime, the water minister has tweeted and appealed that water should not be shut off because of hatred, which is the right of the people of Delhi. The people of Delhi are very troubled by the scarcity of water. If the BJP government of Haryana gives water to Delhi, all the people of Delhi will get relief.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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