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Tantric pooja was performed at home in the desire to get a son, but the impostor made a fuss in the locked room.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A case of indecent act with a woman in the name of chanting tantra mantra has come to light in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. Allegedly, the Tantrik used to take the woman to the room in the name of Tantra Mantra. There again he was doing lewd acts with the woman. At first he suffered from what the woman would think of him. But when the tantric activities started increasing, the woman told her husband the whole thing.

The victim then went to the police station along with her family members and registered a case against the accused Tantrik. The woman, who lives in Kot village on GT Road, got married 6 years ago. After the marriage, the woman gave birth to two daughters. The woman and her family wished that she too would have a son. The relatives then told him about Lakhan alias Bhagat who lived in Himmatpur village. The text is tantric.

Took the woman’s phone number

After contacting Lakhan, the family met him. Then Lakhan said that tantric puja has to be done for the son. The family agreed. The accused then took the woman’s phone number. Then the tantra mantra began. Lakhan recited the Tantra Mantra correctly once or twice.

Multiple indecent acts

But later he started calling the woman everyday and talking obscenities with her. He also started coming home. Here, on the pretext of worship, he used to take the woman to a room alone. Even family members do not oppose it. He used to engage in lewd acts with the woman in a closed room. At first the woman did not tell anything about this to her family members. He was afraid that his family members would misunderstand him. But when the tantrik started performing such acts everyday, the woman’s patience broke. She told the whole thing to her husband.

The woman along with her husband and family members registered a case against accused Tantrik at Himmatnagar police station. At present the accused is absconding. Police are looking for him. The police said that the woman has been medically examined. Accused Tantrik will be arrested soon.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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