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Tanaji Sawant: And Health Minister Tanaji Sawant was in tears; Galbulun came while talking to the family of a suicide victim from the Maratha community

Ritul Pandey

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At present, the atmosphere in the state is heated regarding reservation. The movement to include the Maratha community in OBC has intensified. This movement has been going on for the last few years. This movement gained momentum since last year. The movement that started from Antarwali Sarati spread across the state. Lakhs of people marched. A big protest was held at the gate of Mumbai. Some promises were fulfilled, some have not been implemented yet. In frustration, some youth committed suicide for Maratha reservation. This sorrow is very big. The society has been shaken by such a strict attitude of the family. Such a domestic situation shakes anyone. The screams of the women of this house are soul-stirring.

Tears for Tanaji Sawant

Health Minister Tanaji Sawant’s eyes welled up with tears while interacting with the families of suicide victims of the Maratha community. Health Minister Tanaji Sawant met the family of a youth who committed suicide in Barshi taluk to protect the Marathas. Health Minister Tanaji Sawant met the Dethe families in Barshi and consoled them.

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Emotions are revealed

While talking to the families of suicide victims, Minister Tanaji Sawant’s eyes welled up with tears. The one who is leaving should think what happens when the support of the family goes away. He falls on his hands and feet and tells all the brothers, the elephant is gone, now only the tail is left. That is why he appealed to us not to take such a step as suicide.

Responsibility for the education of boys and girls

Sawant gave a cheque of Rs 5 lakh to Prasad Dethe’s family. Not only this, Tanaji Sawant took the responsibility of his three sons and daughters from education to marriage. Tanaji Sawant urged the youth of OBC Maratha community not to take extreme steps. During this, tears rolled down the eyes of many people present there. They could not stop dowry. Youth should not take such a big step at this time. Have faith in the government. An appeal was made that the issue of reservation will be resolved soon.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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