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T20 World Cup: If this happens, ICC warns, Australian team will be in trouble before Super 8 round!

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The T20 World Cup is now moving forward. The thrill of the Super 8 round is getting closer. Four teams from this round will compete in the semi-finals. Before that, the sword of action is hanging over the Australian team. Australia has entered the Super 8 round from Group B. Australia’s last league match is against Scotland. England’s Super 8 round will be based on this match. Meanwhile, a statement by fast bowler Josh Hazlewood has created a stir. He had said that even if he has to lose to eliminate defending champion England, it will still work. The ICC has now taken this statement seriously. The ICC has warned the Australian team before the match. If the result of this match proves to be pre-fix, then Australian captain Mitchell Marsh will be banned for two matches. Both these matches will be in the Super 8 round, so Australia’s tension has increased. Big teams will compete in the Super 8 round. Such a big blow can be suffered.

As a rule, in ICC tournaments, if a match is deliberately given and it affects the other team, then action is taken. The captain will be found guilty for this and will be banned.’ Depending on the severity, a fine of up to 50 percent of the match fee can also be imposed. Australian captain Mitchell Marsh could not play two Super 8 matches with four demerit points and two suspension points. Action will be taken if found guilty of deliberately losing the match.

England’s Super Eight match is completely dependent on the Australia vs Scotland match. England has played two matches so far. One of these matches was lost and one match was cancelled due to rain. Scotland has five points. If they win against Australia then they will get seven points and they will easily reach the Super 8 round. But if Australia wins this match then England has a chance. England will have to win both the remaining matches of the league by a big margin.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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