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Sunil Tatkare’s candid comment on Chhagan Bhujabalchya’s displeasure; Said, that Machar…

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Sunil Tatkare, Chhagan BhujbalImage Credit Source: Facebook

There is talk in the state circles that Chhagan Bhujbal is upset about not getting the nomination for the state assembly. Nationalist Ajit Pawar’s speech and state president Sunil Tatkare has reacted. Ajitdada Pawar is the head of the Nationalist Congress family. Chhagan Bhujbal Saheb is also the eldest member of the family. I do not see any part of his statement Alikadacha and Pailachacha. Until then Yavar is not qualified to speak. The leadership of the party, the president leads, the use of arms is also acceptable. Chhagan Bhujbal is on the side of our leaders. Sunil Tatkare said that the assembly elections will be contested under his leadership.

Ghitlan Sai Baba Darshan by Sunil Tatkare

Nationalist Congress State President Sunil Tatkare visited Sai Baba. Today is the second day of the two-day district tour. A review meeting will be held in Shirdi and Akole constituencies today. Along with Sunil Tatkare, Rupali Chakankar will also guide the review meeting. Meanwhile, Sunil Tatkare spoke on various issues while speaking in Madranashi.

Lok Sabha Speaker Sunil Tatkare’s reaction

Nationalist Ajit Pawar Gatala won the recently held Lok Sabha elections. Sunil Tatkare also commented. We got four seats in the Lok Sabha. Parbhanichi woke up and we started drinking juice. The priority of sitting the Jag is taken into account while performing Jagatvatap. We didn’t get the publicity we expected. Sunil Tatkare said that it does not seem that there will be any result in the assembly elections alone.

A law by Ajit Pawar and leader Amol Mitkari is currently under discussion. By saying this, BJP is not targeting Ajit Pawar. Some enemies of interests deliberately spread false news. Such statements are made to create great confusion. Amol Mitkari said that after getting the information, if he wants to speak on any subject, I have given him such information and said that he should not do so.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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