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‘Such incidents don’t happen when I am a parent minister’, Ajit Pawan targets drug addict Chandrakant Patil?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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A video of minors taking drugs at midnight in a hotel called FC Sodwar in Punyakhya Shivjinagar area has gone viral on social media. There has been an uproar after the relevant video surfaced. Similarly, Congress MLA Ravindra Dhangekar has made serious allegations against Excise Minister Shambhuraj Desai. Or incoming minister Chandrakant Patil has reacted to all the allegations. Chandrakant Patil or Muddyavarun indirectly has a strong influence on Ajit Pawar, the present Guardian Minister of Pune. But Chandrakant Patil also tried to raise his hand after defeating Ajit Pawar.

“I never did anything like this when I was the parent minister, but everyone will worry about it, such an incident is not rare. I don’t remember why Gadalia is there, I don’t remember you either”, Chandrakant Patil indirectly challenged Ajit Pawar. But realizing his mistake, he immediately tried to cover his hands. “He’s not claiming that this incident didn’t happen, is he? Pune’s population would have halved to 14 lakhs and 70 lakhs. Overcrowding is caused by different sleeping facilities, employment or things. Hence, if any new incident occurs, the police administration should be vigilant and make efforts. But it is not right to say that ministers are responsible for all such incidents. There is involvement of ministers, if proved then no action will be taken. But such allegations are not appropriate”, said Chandrakant Patil.

‘Wrong to accuse’

“In a democracy there is a right to say anything. So what the opposition says is not my subject. In our democratic country, our society is so aware that if anyone is found guilty, action will be taken against him. Minister of any Department in Maharashtra Sadebara Koti is the Minister of Maharashtra. Because of this, allegations have been made without realizing that he is directly involved in every such incident. But in a democracy everyone is free to accuse. The allegations are flimsy and the evidence is as follows. This incident has happened and ministers are being targeted. But since they are the ministers of the account, they have no direct involvement. So the accuser is free to make allegations. It will be properly investigated”, said Chandrakant Patil.

‘Muralidhar Mohol met the Commissioner of Police and…’

“A delegation led by Madhya Pradesh Minister of State Muralidhar Anna Mohol met the Pune Police Commissioner. More and more incidents are happening, investigate them and take action. But if such an incident happens, rules should be prepared. We will study that guide. No shop can remain open after 10 pm in Solapur. Hence there is no relaxation after 10 pm in Solapur grocery and grocery shops. So BJP has requested to prepare such rules and regulations”, said Chandrakant Patil.

Chandrakant Patil’s important response about drugs

“What Pune is in Mumbai, drugs are a terrible thing anywhere. When I was the guardian minister of Pune, I had a meeting with all the policemen and said that the rest of the things also have to be done. Crimes are happening like new. But this is a crime, mainly drugs and extortion, so whatever you want, Dayala is ready. Buy all kinds of advanced equipment. Damini Pathak started right away. When I was the Palak Minister of Kolhapur district, when Vishwas Nangere Patil came, he proposed to Mandla that we should start Damini Pathak. For large scale planning I provided two wheelers and four wheelers. The police are mostly women, due to which Mulinshi-related issues like Asato, Kolhapurtale College, bus stopovers created a lot of panic. When I was the guardian minister I was told not to criminalize drugs. That’s why you won’t know if an insect ever enters your home. Yes, this is a very serious topic. Because of this a small country and a small state has fallen into the abyss”, Chandrakant Patil gave this important response.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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