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Such dedication… Harshika married Krishna, Haldwa’s daughter became ‘Mira’

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Haldwani’s daughter became ‘Mira’

Love… is the only word in this world that cannot be properly defined. But, according to Hindu culture, the gods and goddesses have explained the true definition of love and affection in great detail. Our scriptures clearly say that God is in everything in the world, so love everything. In our scriptures, the relationship between Sri Krishna and Radha is placed on a high level of love. But there is another name which is associated with Krishna and that is Meera. A queen who exemplified such devotion to Krishna, her devotion is offered to this day.

Every two miles you hear stories of renunciation, devotion and dedication in this God’s country of many names and forms and various devotees. One such unique case has come to light from Haldwani in Uttarakhand called Devbhoomi. Harshika Pant, the 21-year-old daughter of Puran Chandra Pant, who lives in Prempur Indraprastha Colony, Haldwani, has been disabled since childhood.

21-year-old Harshika got married in a unique way.

21-year-old Harshika’s beauty is so much that she beats even the prettiest girls, but nature has left her crippled in her lower body. Harshika has taken Lord Sri Krishna as her everything from her heart. In her demand she has also filled the idol of Sri Krishna brought from Vrindavan with vermilion in the name of Kanha with vows and promises of seven births. Considering Kanha as everything, he has married his idol.

Married to Lord Krishna

Harshika’s parents fixed the time for the wedding and on 11 July with her family’s consent, Harshika married Lord Sri Krishna with much fanfare and dedicated her life to Lord Krishna. A mehndi and haldi program was also held at home on Wednesday, in which all the relatives and people from the surrounding area also participated. Marriage preparations were going on at Harshika’s house since morning. The wedding procession with a band reached the gate where Lord Krishna was welcomed at the gate with Kumaon customs.

Marriage according to Kumaon customs

After this Harshita was married to Lord Krishna as per Kuma customs. After this, the Jayamala program was also held. People came from far and wide to bless Harshika. Where hundreds of people witnessed the marriage and blessed Harshita. Along with this, food and drinks were also fully arranged for all the guests coming to the wedding ceremony. Bride-to-be Harshika came out of the room with her friends and then garlanded Kanha’s idol. Harshika has been cherishing Lord Sri Krishna in her heart for the past 15 years, but Harshika did not go to her in-laws house i.e. Vrindavan, rather the family members brought Lord Sri Krishna to their home. – Father-in-law. Harshika and her entire family are very happy with this marriage.

(Reporting by Avnish Pal/Haldwani)

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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