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Such an amazing plan…; Chandrakant Patil asks Moth Vidhan about free education for children

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Chandrakant Patil, Minister of Higher and Technical EducationImage Credit Source: Facebook

Neither I nor the government is offended by Mulichya’s statement on Moffat education. The code of conduct for Lok Sabha elections in the state has been completed. There is a code of conduct in Mumbai at least till the evening today only because of the legislative assembly elections or for two-three days because of the bachelor elections. Yes, the code of conduct will be published only after it is promulgated. But the decision regarding this will be taken in Mumbai. Decisions cannot be made because of the code of conduct. You will be surprised how many such schemes will come up in the future, said Chandrakant Patil, Minister of Higher and Technical Education of the state. He may have spoken virtuous means.

What did Chandrakant Patil say on the Punyatil drugs case?

It has come to light that drugs are consumed in some pubs and bars in Punyatil. Therefore, state excise duty is seen in action mode. Pub, barchi zadzhadti suru kelly ahe. I appeal very thoughtfully. The evidence mounted, the concern mounted, but such a statue was being built in a city of 7 million. This will change the way we look at virtue. All the best educational institutions are virtuous. Pune is the center of education. Chandrakat Patil said that such an incident does not deserve to happen.

Industry and medical facilities are more here. Navrupla is the 8th fastest growing city in the country and the moth city in terms of geography and population. A city full of addiction we must stop making such statues. The administration should have taken strict action, it should not have taken any temporary measures after the incident happened. Citizens should be involved in efficiency development. All the pubs in Punekarani should be closed for 2-3 days. Rules should be prepared. Chandrakant Patil said that rules and regulations should be implemented.

What did Paniprashanvar Chandrakant Patil say?

Currently, the water problem is becoming serious in the state. Yawar Chandrakant Patil commented. The Chief Minister appealed to everyone to do whatever they want to ensure that at least drinking water remains in their districts till the end of July. I had strictly planned Shivya Khan’s protest. So I am satisfied. The question of drinking water did not arise in construction in Solapur. Anekanni Mala Shivaya Ghatlya. How far will he even go in his own mind? It rained for a few days in the Ujni complex and it rained seven times in Jhala. Chandrakat Patil has said that as soon as it rains in the catchment area, the water will flow into the water.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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