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State Budget 2024: Countdown Begins… Some Current State Budgets; Where is the budget?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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View the state’s interim budget here

What is special for the people of the state in the interim budget of the Mahayuti government, how many targets have been achieved. The state budget for the year 2024-25 is being presented today on Friday. As the government announced the assembly elections during the monsoon session, all eyes are on the rain. There is also discussion about the work done by the finance minister’s grandson. It is certain that the state government will make big announcements to spoil the Lok Sabha elections and assembly elections. It seems that a special scheme will be introduced to provide relief to a large section of the state. All State Public or Interim Budget updates can be viewed here.

What is the position of Finance Minister?

State Finance Minister Ajit Pawar will present the interim budget of the Mahayuti government. Common people, farmers, industrialists and businessmen have a lot of expectations from the budget. If there is no rain of advertisements during the Assembly elections, there is hope that nothing concrete will happen. Free subsidy for small and medium farmers and agricultural pumps, Ladli didi scheme for women, free gas cylinder scheme, special scheme for both OBC-Maratha reservation communities and other communities under current gazette in the state, educational concessions throughout the year, special provisions. Here lies the possibility of a large provision for the health sector, to reduce the cost of education.

This is also a contract

Or initiative budget in place?

The Monsoon Session of the Legislative Assembly has begun. Today Finance Minister Ajit Pawar is presenting the state budget in the assembly. This budget will be presented today at 2 pm. You can watch Rajya Sabha budget in plain language on all social media platforms including TV9 Marathi channel. You will find all budget updates on TV9 Marathi website

You will find all budget related updates on TV9 Marathi’s WhatsApp channel, Facebook page, WhatsApp and other platforms. You can also watch Budget live on TV9 Marathi on Or budget related updates will also be available to you through live blog.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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