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Spiritual sites of MP are being conserved… CM Mohan Yadav starts Shipra Tirtha Parikrama

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav while inaugurating the Shipra Tirtha Parikrama said that this is not just a tour but a conservation campaign of archaeological and spiritual places. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav was addressing at the holy Ramghat in Ujjain on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister worshiped Shipra at Ramghat, performed Abhishek and Aarti and worshiped the flag. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that water and environment conservation, river revival and tree plantation works are being done in the state under Jal Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan.

He said that it was a matter of good fortune to be born in Ujjain and its surroundings. There are 11 rivers in Punya-Salila Shipra. 33 crore gods and goddesses reside on its shores. Avantika Tirtha is considered to be the largest of all Tirthas. The standard time of Ujjain will be restored as the national and world time by the Vedic clock.

Welcoming leading saints on stage

Saint Samaj, devotees and public representatives including Chief Minister Dr. Yadav participated in the Shipra Tirtha Parikrama on foot. There was great enthusiasm among the circumambulators. Parikrama flags were waving in the hands of pilgrims. The Chief Minister welcomed Balayogi Umeshnath Maharaj (Member of Rajya Sabha), Sant Bhagwandas Maharaj, Kushaldas Maharaj, Mahant Haridas Maharaj and Anil Guru Maharaj among the saints present on the stage.

Pilgrimage to major religious places

Shipra Tirtha Parikrama Yatra will start from Ramghat and reach Nrisinghghat, Anandeshwar Mandir, Jagadish Mandir, Gaughat, Jantar-Mantar, Varuneshwar Mahadev Mandir (Sheetal Guest House) to Indore Road CHL Hospital, Prashanthadham Mandir, Gurukul (Triveni) and Navgrahya Mandir. After that, the Yatra will pass through Gothda, Sikanderi, Daudkhedi, Chandmukh, Chintaman, Mangrola Fanta, Lalpul, Guru Nanak Ghat and reach Dutt Akhara via Bhukhi Mata temple.

Then visit Ranjit Hanuman, Kalabhairav, Siddhanath, Angareshwar, Kamed, Mangalanath, Sandipani Ashram, Ram Mandir, Gadakalika, Bhritrihari Cave, Lonmukteswar, Valmiki Dham Chakratirtha, Danigate, Manipal, Godabar etc. after bathing at the ghat on Sunday 16th June. , Patni Bazaar, Gudri Square, Mahakal Temple, Bada Ganesh Temple, Harsiddhi will reach back to Ramghat. The journey will end here on the day of Ganga Dussehra.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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