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Spent the night in a hotel, then killed the girlfriend… drove the body 150 km away, drank acid as the mystery unfolded.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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On June 20, a young man came to stay in a hotel with his married girlfriend in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh. Here both stayed together all night. After this the next day the lover said I will take you for a long drive. The girlfriend also agreed. After that both sat in the car and left for a long drive. But the girlfriend was completely unaware of what was going to happen to her next. On the way, the lover fatally attacked his girlfriend with a knife. When the girlfriend started screaming, the boyfriend cut her throat with a knife.

Now the job was to dispose of the corpse. He thought why not throw the body in the forests of Umaria. But after driving 150 kilometers, his car suddenly collided with a tree at a place called Khama Barrier. There was also a pit ahead. The car got stuck in the ditch again. He continued to try to get the car out. But failed. Then four tribal people who were passing by saw him. He reached there to help her.

All four pushed the car. But the car could not pass. Just then the forest watchman came there. He asked the youth to get down from the car and push the car. I will sit in the driving seat and drive the car. But there was a dead body in the car. Hence the young man was hesitant at first. But no one should doubt. So he agreed to the guard’s advice. As the watchman saw a body lying in the car, he got scared. He asked the young man about this. The young man did not answer her. He took a bottle of acid from the car and drank it. This was immediately reported to the police.

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What was planned?

Police reached the spot and took the youth to a nearby hospital. The young man died after two and a half hours of treatment. But even before this the police had taken his statement. The police said that the youth’s name is Suraj. His plan was to cut the girl’s body into pieces and burn her. But before he can succeed in his plan, he suffers a car accident.

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The police said that the name of the deceased is Mamta. The two seemed like siblings in a relationship. They had an affair for five years. But only Sooraj’s sister Sandhya knew about this. A few months ago, Mamata’s family got her married elsewhere. Even so, she was talking to Suraj. She kept coming to see him. But in the meantime, Mamata posted a photo with her husband on Facebook. This was what annoyed Suraj. He planned to kill Mamata. But after the murder, he himself drank acid. Due to which Suraj also died. Police have registered a case and started investigation.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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