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Spark in Shiv Sena Thackeray faction in Konkan, former taluka pramukh fined, action against senior Shiv Sena leader…

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Shiv Sena did not get success in Konkan in the Lok Sabha elections. The people of Konkan did not support Shiv Sena Ubatha, which performed strongly in other places. One of the main reasons for this was the turmoil within the party. Now the former Taluka Pramukh has imposed a fine against Shiv Sena’s big leader Bhaskar Jadhav in Konkan. He is angry that Sandeep Sawant has been removed from the post of Taluka Pramukh. After this, Sandeep Sawant attacked Shiv Sena leader Bhaskar Jadhav.

What does Sandeep Sawant say?

In the Lok Sabha elections, Bhaskar Jadhav was seen in only one village of the assembly constituency. Now, however, he is coming to play thanks. What is this drama for? Such a question has been asked to Bhaskar Jadhav by former Shiv Sena taluka pramukh Sandeep Sawant. Answer what did I do wrong, otherwise ‘you will get a befitting reply…’, he challenged.

Who is Sandeep Sawant?

Sandeep Sawant is the taluka pramukh of Chiplun Guhagar assembly constituency. Sandeep Sawant, angry with the organisational reshuffle after the results of the Lok Sabha elections, has levelled a volley of allegations against Bhaskar Jadhav. Was I sidelined because I took two crores from Sunil Tatkare after asking for ten crores? Sandeep Sawant has indirectly accused Bhaskar Jadhav. If my question is not answered, you will have to answer to the people of the constituency. I am Bala Saheb’s Shiv Sainik. Bala Saheb has taught that if there is injustice, do not sit quiet. Sandeep Sawant has said that I will not sit quiet because of this.

objected to the program

Sandeep Sawant has objected to Bhaskar Jadhav’s thank you program yesterday. We worked day and night, we gave you the lead, if you had given time you would have got more leads, Sandeep Sawant said.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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