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Sonelal Patel’s death issue resurfaced, daughter Pallavi Patel demands CBI probe

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Apna Dal Kamerawadi leader Pallavi Patel has demanded a CBI probe into the death of her father Sonelal Patel.

Pallavi Patel, the leader of Apna Dal Kamerawadi in Uttar Pradesh, has once again raised the issue of a CBI probe into her father’s death. Pallavi Patel has demanded a CBI probe into the death of her father Sonelal Patel. He also held a rally with the party leaders regarding this. Apna Dal founder Sonelal Patel died in 2009. After the death of Sonelal Patel, the party has split into two.

One group belongs to Anupriya Patel and the other group belongs to Pallavi Patel. Anupriya Patel is the chief of Apna Dal (S) while on the other hand her sister Pallavi Patel is the leader of Apna Dal Kamrawadi. Anupriya Patel is part of the NDA and is a minister in the central government while Pallavi Patel is an MLA from Sirathu assembly constituency in Kaushambi district of UP.

Battle over Kurmi Patel’s votes after election

The demand has been made by Pallavi Patel at a time when there is a fight over the Kurmi Patel vote after the Lok Sabha elections in UP. It is believed that this time a large chunk of Kurmi voters have left the BJP and joined the Samajwadi Party. Akhilesh Yadav’s six Kurmi MPs were elected.

BJP’s ally Apna Dal has also lost one seat. Apna Dal president Anupriya Patel has accused the Yogi government of ignoring reservation for backward people and dalits in government jobs. Now sister Pallavi Patel has opened a new front demanding a CBI probe into her father’s death.

CBI has already demanded a probe

This is not the first time that Pallavi Patel has demanded a CBI probe into the death of her father Sonelal Patel. He raised this issue last year as well. In October last year, party national presidents Krishna Patel and Pallavi Patel along with their supporters staged a demonstration in Lucknow. At that time, Krishna Patel questioned Sonelal’s death and accused him of conspiracy.

Sirthu MLA Pallavi Patel said that some people are claiming power in the name of his father Sonelal claiming to be his successor, but have not even written to the central government for a CBI probe. It was believed that Pallavi Patel’s gesture was towards sister Anupriya Patel.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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