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Sonakshi Sinha’s family’s displeasure with her continues, she won’t get turmeric at her mother’s place, she will get it directly at ‘this’ place…

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Sonakshi Sinha is the name that is in the news right now. Sonakshi Sinha is getting married to Zaheer Iqbal on 23 June 2024. Sonakshi Sinha’s parents are upset that she is getting married to Zaheer Iqbal. Zaheer Iqbal and Sonakshi Sinha have been dating each other for the last few years. Finally, they have decided to get married. Actually, Zaheer Iqbal’s family has no problem with this marriage. They are supporting the marriage of Zaheer Iqbal and Sonakshi. However, Sonakshi Sinha’s family is upset with this decision.

A few days ago, Sonakshi Sinha left her parents’ house and shifted to her house in Bandra. Sonakshi Sinha’s parents are so angry with her that now Sonakshi Sinha will not be able to eat even Haldi (haldi) at her parents’ house. The Haldi ceremony has been organized at the house in Bandra. Sonakshi will have to face problems in the presence of very few people.

Sonakshi Sinha’s Haldi ceremony will be held in the presence of some family members and friends. It is known that mother Poonam Sinha, father Shatrughan Sinha and brother Luv Sinha are against this marriage. Not only this, mother Poonam Sinha has also unfollowed Sonakshi Sinha on social media. Sonakshi’s mother is against Sinha’s marriage.

This is the reason why Sonakshi Sinha will not take haldi at her parents’ house. Yesterday (June 20, 2024), a haldi ceremony was organized at Sonakshi Sinha’s house in Bandra. Sonakshi Sinha’s wedding events have now started. All the events will be held in the presence of very few people. In the end, a big party will be organized.

It is clear that fans are keeping an eye on every update of Sonakshi Sinha’s wedding. Sonakshi Sinha has spent a long time in Bollywood. Sonakshi Sinha has a huge fan following on social media. Pictures of Sonakshi Sinha’s bachelorette party are going viral rapidly. However, no family member was seen in these pictures of the actress.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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