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Someone’s brother is dead and someone’s mama…a revenge story behind a murder at a Burger King restaurant

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Youth killed in Delhi’s Burger King.

A man was shot dead in public at a Burger King restaurant in Delhi’s Rajouri Garden area. About 15 rounds were fired inside the restaurant. According to the police, a woman was also present with the deceased at that time. It is being said that this woman has taken the deceased’s purse, ID card and mobile phone with her. The police are now also trying to identify the woman. After this murder, a post was made on social media, in which it has been posted in the name of gangster Himanshu Bhai. In which Himanshu Bhai takes responsibility for this murder.

Himanshu Bhai is not hiding in India but in Portugal. Himanshu has taken responsibility on social media that he and his brother Naveen Bali did the murder in Rajouri Garden together. They cited the murder of Shakti Dada as the reason behind this and termed the murdered person as an informer of Shakti’s murder. The police team is trying to find out who the shooters are and how they came in contact with Himanshu, for which all the CCTV footage is being scrutinised.

Who was Shakti Dada?

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Neeraj Bawana is a big gangster of Delhi-NCR. He has got the title of number one in the world of crime in Delhi-NCR. Shakti Dada was born in 1995 in Chochi village of Jhajjar to a Jat farmer family. His maternal uncle Rambir Shaukin is a former MLA from Delhi. Shakti was Neeraj Bawa’s aunt’s son. He loved to play and read.

At the age of 15, Shakti’s name began to be associated with the world of crime. Shakti Dada first stayed in Kolkata while sharing a fling with Neeraj Bawa. After this, he started getting involved in some small incidents in the name of Shakti and then got involved in bigger incidents. In the end, Aman Dhananjay and Shakti Dada take over Neeraj Bawana’s entire gang from outside.

When Shakti was accused of demanding an extortion of Rs 1 crore, the Delhi Police started looking for him. On 14 February 2020, when Neeraj Bawana was being brought to court, Shakti Dada came to meet him and was arrested there. However, he was released after a few days and came home. He used to go to play volleyball in the nearby stadium every evening.

On 7 October 2020 he was going to play volleyball as usual. Then two miscreants on two bikes surrounded Shakti Dada at 7:00 pm and fired indiscriminately. The miscreants fired more than a dozen shots at Shakti, injuring Shakti Dada. After this he was taken to a hospital in Rohtak, where doctors declared him brought dead. When his post-mortem was conducted, five bullets were found in the body.

Who did this murder

After this, the police started searching for the accused. After the police investigation, it was found that Shakti was killed by the rival Ashok Pradhan gang of gangster Neeraj Bawana. Several months later Gaurav alias Monty, a member of the Ashok Pradhan gang, was arrested. Gaurav alias Monty was the main accused in Shakti’s murder and three others were with him.

Neeraj Bawana and Ashok Pradhan gang had been enmity for a long time. The Pradhan gang prepared Monty to teach Neeraj a lesson. Monty is a notorious criminal of Bwana police station and has more than a dozen cases registered against him. More than 12 cases of murder, attempt to murder, extortion and extortion have been registered against Monty.

When Monty Pradhan joined the gang, several crimes were committed against him. When Ashok Pradhan was convinced that Monty could commit major crimes, he was made deputy commander in the gang. After this, he was tasked with demanding a ransom of Rs 50 lakh from a pot dealer in Delhi.

Monty threw the letter into the merchant’s shop

Monty wrote a formal letter and threw it in the utensil dealer’s shop saying that we need ₹50 lakh and if we don’t give it we will die. When the merchant does not pay, a shootout ensues and one person is killed. When Monty receives an order from Ashok Pradhan to kill Neeraj Bawa’s brother Shakti Dada, he goes to Shakti Dada’s village with one of his associates, Abhishek, and kills him with more than a dozen bullets. Monty is currently in jail. In this regard action has been taken under Makoka.

Cause of enmity between Ashoka and Neeraj

Ashok Pradhan to return to Niloti village in Jhajjar, Haryana. In the year 2001 he entered the world of crime and the reason was bad company. He became friends with Delhi gangster Neetu Dabodia. He was first impressed by Neetu and then followed in her footsteps.

In the year 2001, Ashok Pradhan killed a village headman and a doctor in Bahadurgarh. After this he started doing contract killing and kidnapping. In 2004, Rajiv Kala alias Kala Asodia, an opponent of the Dabodia gang, killed Ashok Pradhan’s brother. This is where the conflict started between Neeraj Bawa and Ashok Pradhan, as Kala Asodia was Neeraj Bawa’s maternal uncle.

Ashok Pradhan has been running the Neetu gang since gang leader Neetu Dabodia was killed in a police encounter in 2013. A gang war has been going on between Neetu Gang and Neeraj Bawa’s gang for years, in which many lives have been lost on both sides so far. In March 2017, Ashok Pradhan, along with his accomplices Rohit and Gaurav, shot dead Neeraj Bawana’s maternal uncle, gangster Kala Asodia, in a Jhajjar court.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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