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Solve 5 Questions, I Will Get JEE Coaching Free… When IAS put a bet to a poor student, what happened?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Dedicated to promising students

If there is a desire in the heart to do something, the path comes automatically. The same happened to Arpit Pal, a bright student from Gwalior who dreamed of becoming a software engineer. But, due to financial constraints, he could not join JEE coaching to fulfill his dream. In such a situation, he reached the collector’s office with his mother to request free coaching. During the hearing, the Zilla Panchayat CEO challenged the student to solve five questions to test his ability. The student gave all the answers correctly. After this the Zilla Panchayat CEO has also instructed to arrange free coaching for the student Arpit as per his promise.

Arpit Pal, who lives in Gol Pahria area of ​​Gwalior city, reached the collectorate along with his mother Renu Pal. Arpit’s financial condition is not good, but his dream is to become an engineer so that he can improve his family’s condition. Arpit’s family is not even able to get him admission in JEE coaching. In such a situation, someone advised him for administrative help and he reached the public hearing of the Collector’s office with a request for help. Immediately the student Arpit took his application to the CEO of the Zilla Panchayat IAS Vivek Kumar who was conducting the public hearing and requested him for help. IAS Vivek Kumar read the application of student Arpit and posed a unique challenge to the student.

Then solve five questions…

Vivek Kumar asks Arpit to solve five questions and puts a condition that if he answers all the questions correctly, his coaching will be arranged. Arpit Pal was immediately given five questions related to Physics and Mathematics. Student Arpit solved 4 questions sitting on a chair in front of everyone in the public hearing. Vivek Kumar was happy to see Arpit’s ability. Seeing the student’s interest in studies, Vivek Kumar immediately instructed District Education Officer Ajay Katiar to get Arpit admitted to the best JEE coaching center in the city.

Happiness on Arpit’s face

Arpit thanked Zilla Panchayat CEO Vivek Kumar for getting administrative help. Arpit said that if the administration helps the financially weak bright students in this way, many children can reach the sky and serve the country.

A brilliant student Arpit Pal… lives with his mother Renu Pal, his mother is somehow cleaning the floors and taking up the responsibility of educating her children. Arpit’s father died suddenly on 7 January 2023 due to a heart attack. After which the entire responsibility of the household fell on the shoulders of his mother Renupal, but now with the hope of getting administrative help, she feels that her son Arpit will definitely step up and fulfill his responsibilities as well as the glory. the family

Report – Dharmendra Sharma/Gwalior

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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