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Snake bit while sleeping in the house

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Three people of the same family were bitten by a snake

Nagaraj came as Yamaraj to a family in Jharkhand. This is not the name of a movie or serial but a real life incident, where Nagaraj became Yamraj for a family in Palkot, Gumla district of Jharkhand. 3 members of the same family are bitten by a poisonous snake and there is fear in the whole area. After the arrival of monsoons, the snake pit is filled with water.

A venomous snake became a disaster for the family of Rajesh Kisan living in Dugdugi village where three members of the same family including Rajesh, his wife Sunita Devi and his brother Manoj Kisan died due to the venomous snake bite. All three died due to snake bite.

Snake bit while sleeping in the house

Dugdugi village resident Rajesh Kisan alias Raju, his wife Sunita Devi and his brother Manoj were sleeping on the floor of the house. Meanwhile, a highly venomous snake entered their house and bit the trio. After the snake bite, they also killed the highly venomous krait species of snake. As the health center is far away and the roads in the village are bad, the family members started getting the mixture at home instead of taking them to the health center at night. Instead of taking the three snakebite victims to the health center, they stayed at home due to which the snake venom spread in their bodies.

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As the condition of the trio deteriorated on Monday morning, the locals immediately called an ambulance and rushed Rajesh Kisan alias Raju, his wife Sunita Devi and his brother Manoj Kisan to the health center in Palkot, where doctors declared Rajesh Kisan dead after examination. alias Raju and his wife Sunita Kumari were declared dead. Manoj was referred to Sadar Hospital in Gumla for better treatment, where Manoj Kisan also died.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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