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‘Sir, I was being harassed a lot…’ the home guard expressed his agony to the police officer before hanging himself.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Before committing suicide, Pramod Kumar told the police officials about his complaint.

Pramod Kumar of Agra… himself a home guard in the police department. He had full faith in the law, but how did he know that the same khaki-wearing police inspector and inspector that Pramod believed in would become the death knell for his brother and himself. They will be tortured so much that they will take the ‘way of death’.

Pramod breaks down when he loses faith in the police. He wrote his feelings on a piece of paper, tied it to his wrist and hanged himself on the same branch of the tree on which his brother had committed suicide 72 hours earlier due to police brutality. Pramod’s last lines written on ‘Kagaz Ke Tukde’ before he died were, ‘I have made a mistake of messing with the police, no one should speak against the police’.

A case has been registered against the accused inspector

Pramod Kumar, a resident of Thana Barhan, and his younger brother Sanjay committed suicide after getting tired of being tortured by Sadabad police in Hathras district. Both the brothers hanged themselves at the same place within 72 hours. Jaswant Singh, brother-in-law of the deceased, has lodged a complaint at Barhan police station and filed a case against accused Inspector Hariom Agnihotri and in-charge of Sadabad police station. Police have registered a case under section 306 against both. The negligence of the police is coming to light in this matter.

If the police officer had paid attention, Pramod would have been saved.

Before committing suicide, Pramod Kumar had complained to the police officials against Etmadpur MLA. Pramod clearly told the police officer that ‘Sir, he is being harassed a lot. He left me, I was also hanging like that’ but the police officers paid no heed to Pramod’s words. If the matter had been taken seriously at that time, Pramod’s life might have been saved. The video of Pramod saying this to the police is going viral.

Pramod wrote a suicide note

Pramod Kumar hanged himself 72 hours after his brother’s death. Pramod wrote a suicide note before committing suicide. He had tied the suicide note on his wrist with the help of a thread. Police seized the note. It was written that, ’13 dt. Inspector Hariom was picked up by the police. Kept in lockup for two days on 11-12. One lakh was demanded against the lockup. After taking 10,000, 13 were released. Money given in office. 50 thousand was demanded. Torture by Police and Hariom Inspector. Sanjay died by hanging. Now I don’t have the capacity. That is why I am committing suicide. I am getting calls. Come make your statement today. I said I will come tomorrow. No, come today. That’s why my mind is not right. I request the government to look after my family. Jai Mata Di, Jai Shri Ram…. I made the mistake of messing with the police, no one should speak against the police.

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This was the whole matter

Pramod Kumar was posted as a home guard at Khandauli police station in Agra. The family members say that Sanjay was caught and taken away by Sadabad police on June 10. Police said that Sanjay’s brother-in-law had kidnapped a girl. In this case, the police tortured Sanjay by keeping him in lockup for two days. Two days later a case of breach of peace was registered against Sanjay and he was released. Inspector Hariom demanded 1 lakh rupees to release him. It is alleged that at that time the family released Sanjay by paying Rs 10,000. The inspector had paid the outstanding amount of 90 thousand. On June 13, the police also picked up Pramod. Later, Sanjay gave another 40 thousand rupees to the inspector. Pramod and Sanjay come home, but Inspector Hariyom keeps pressuring them to collect the outstanding amount of 50 thousand rupees. Sanjay was fed up with the inspector’s torture and committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree outside the village on Saturday.

Agra Police Crime

Fed up with the police, Pramod also hanged himself

Bhai Pramod Kumar was a home guard, he felt that the police would do justice to him. She filed a complaint against the inspector at the police station for harassing her brother. The police did not take any action on Pramod’s complaint. On the contrary, they started harassing him. Pramod told his problem to the local MLA. An application was also made to the police officers but no hearing was held. On Monday, Pramod also got angry and hanged himself.

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