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Shocking… BJP leader’s wife experimented with hypnotism, how many lakhs of rupees were looted, what did the newcomer lose?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Kolhapur BJP leader Samarjit Ghatge is considered very close to Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. There is a lot of discussion going on now, but the reason for the abandonment is a little different. Shocking details have come to light that Samarjit Ghatge cheated on his wife Navidita Ghatge. Navodita committed online fraud. 20 lakhs was imposed on him. Navdita Ghatge has broken her silence by trying to catch Hasan Mushrif Ghat Ghatge on only one incident. ‘Or there is no need to do politics on this issue. Samarjit Ghatge, there is no reason to take a boat ride, such words shock the opponents of innovation. He made it clear that he will not allow anyone to cheat him, so he has filed a complaint as well.

The news that Navidita was cheated online of Rs 20 lakh has created a lot of buzz. Or filed a complaint at the police station. But the police did not take necessary action in the case, as Nationalist Congress Party officials like Ajit Pawar are saying. He or Ghatge tried to capture Kandit.

BJP leader Samarjit Ghatge’s wife Navidita Ghatge was cheated of Rs 20 lakh by an unknown person a few days ago. An online fraud was perpetrated by a fraudster, claiming to be an Income Tax and CBI officer, claiming to contain MD medicines and fake passports in parcels sent to Malaysia. During this or that episode, journalist Hasan Mushrif tried to get Ghatge in trouble.

Navodita beats her opponents

On the issue of Navodita Ghatge, the silence and protestors are shocked. Is the police conducting a thorough investigation, or there is no need to politicize the matter and there is no reason for Samarjit Ghatge to take the boat, he said.

What can I say about the emerging Ghatge?

Due to the parcel, Sangoon Mala was somehow hypnotized. In which there was a loss of 20 lakh rupees. This kind of thing is very shocking and I have also lodged a complaint with the police to prevent such fraud from happening again. The police is conducting a thorough investigation. So, there is no need to politicize the issue and there is no reason to go on a boat ride with Samarjit Ghatge, he said. Meanwhile, Samarjit Ghatge also took care of his wife.

What happened to Ghatge’s wife?

Navodita Ghatge, wife of Samarjit Ghatge, claimed that the parcel sent to Malaysia contained MD drugs, otherwise the authorities would have been fooled. Also, another officer called Navodita claiming that the parcel contained acidic substance and other things, a crime could be registered and she could also face heavy punishment. It was also demanded by the officials that Rs.20 lakhs were sent to Esale by taking action. Alas, the officials tried so hard to intimidate Navodiya Ghatge that they claimed to have given Rs 20 lakh to the accused through online mode. According to a related story, Navodita filed a complaint at the police station after she went missing. Samrajik Ghatge is considered close to Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Because of this or that situation, fraud was expected on a war footing. But that did not happen, alleged the opposition.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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