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She would enter her in-laws’ house as a bride and then ‘scam’, she would identify her lover as her brother and trap the victim.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A shocking case has come to light in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Here, on the lines of the Bollywood film ‘Doli Ki Doli’, the bride takes everything away from her new in-laws. She had this incident with her alleged brother who is actually her lover. Police have arrested three people including the accused girl and her lover. Police revelations reveal that it is their business to carry out such crimes.

Kanpur DCP Vijay Dhul said that the accused bride along with her lover used to trick people by promising marriage. After marrying her, he would knock her in-laws unconscious with the help of her lover and his friends, clean the things kept in the house and run away. The police are interrogating all the accused and are also probing whether the gang hatched this plan after watching the movie ‘Doli Ki Doli’ before starting all this.

A man from Kanpur becomes a victim

The latest victim of the robber girl and her gang was Devesh Singh, a resident of Kakawan, Kanpur. Devesh got married after 10 years. His wife died just after a year of marriage. Since then he lived alone. In such a situation, he thought of getting married a second time. He told this to his friend. His friend introduced him to Deepak and Rajneesh. He promised to marry Devesh for 70 thousand rupees.

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Marriage to a ‘lootera bride’

After a few days both got married to a girl named Muskan in Devesh’s temple. After marriage, Muskan came to her in-laws with her alleged brother Rajkumar. Marriage ceremonies were performed there for two days. Muskan and Rajkumar then ran away with the jewelery and cash in the night. Muskan and Rajkumar were not found in the house when he and his family woke up in the morning. He found that the valuables, cash and jewelery kept there were missing from the house. It didn’t take them long to realize they had been robbed.

The police caught the gang

Devesh informed the police about this and registered a case. On Wednesday, the police arrested Muskan, Rajkumar, Deepak and Rajneesh. Inquiries revealed that the entire gang was looking for people who were unmarried or widowed. After that, after marrying Muskaan, she used to send the prince as her brother, while the prince was Muskaan’s lover.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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