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She gained 80 kgs and became a yoga trainer directly…

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Nowadays everyone is trying to maintain themselves. Take care not to gain weight. They are doing yoga, dieting and also going to the gym. Many people are also doing meditation. The purpose is not to gain weight, not to have any disease and to stay fit. However, this is limited only to you. But gained weight and started doing yoga. The only exception is that after that he became a yoga instructor. One of them is Hina Shah. After gaining weight, Hina Shah started doing yoga. Weight reduces with yoga But she did not stop her fitness journey here, she directly became a yoga trainer and started training others. She started teaching yoga especially to patients.

Heena Vipul Shah runs Arogyaam Yoga Center. She has been teaching yoga for the last eight years. She gained weight during pregnancy. 80 kg weight. She was short of breath even when going to the bathroom. One day her breathing stopped. At 2.30 in the night she told her husband and got admitted to the hospital. But it was not treated properly. So she started treatment with chest physician Prabhu Desai. When Prabhu Desai was undergoing treatment, a yoga magazine was published in his hospital. When he was sifting through it, suddenly something was missing. Heena Shah says that she felt that yoga is life and she started her journey towards yoga.

First took training, then started teaching

First of all, I took proper yoga training. I lost weight. Yoga has brought a tremendous change in my life. That’s why I started teaching yoga to others. Online sessions were taken during Corona. As soon as Corona ended, she actually started teaching yoga to people on the roof of the building. Yoga is taught regularly in the morning and evening. There are yoga classes for adults in the morning and for children in the evening. Hina said that children are taught yoga in a playful way.

angel of patients

Hina Shah teaches yoga to these patients. They work to remove negativity between them. I am not stopping the medicine. Because this is not my job. Patients are advised to take medicines and visit the doctor. She also told that I emphasize on my fitness and positivity through yoga. She also said that people suffering from many types of diseases or problems like stress, acidity, gynecological diseases, migraine come to me during work.

Her Story

A 26-year-old woman came to me. She was suffering from migraine. She used to get migraine attacks every 72 hours. She used to suffer a lot after the attack. She wanted to hit her head against the wall. I continued her medication. I was asked to visit the doctor regularly. But at the same time I also taught her yoga. I taught her different types of yoga. I told her to stay away from things like mobile phone. Hina says that today the woman has benefited more than 75 percent. She advises that everyone should take out at least 15 minutes of time for yoga from time to time.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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