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Sharad Ponkshe’s son makes his film debut; Papa-Leka duo will work together for the first time

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Famous Marathi cinema actor Sharad Ponkshe is coming to meet the audience with a new film. Through this film, Sharad Ponkshe’s son Sneh Ponkshe is making his debut in cinema. A few days ago, Sharad Ponkshe and his son Sneh Ponkshe announced their upcoming film. The audience was curious to know what this father-son duo will bring for the audience. Now the audience has got the answer. ‘Banjara’ is the name of Sneh and Sharad Ponkshe’s film.

Sharad Ponkshen’s son debuts in cinema

It is clear at first glance that this film is a commentary on the journey of life. Although the name of the film has been announced, we will have to wait a little longer to know which actors will be seen in the film. Meanwhile, Morya Productions and Vs. S. The film is produced by Sharad Ponkshe and Rohini Vijaysingh Raje Patwardhan. Most of the film has been shot in Sikkim.

Sharad Ponkshe ruled the hearts of the audience through various mediums of art like drama, serial, film. After this, he is debuting in the field of production with the film ‘Banjara’. The special thing is that the film will be written and directed by his son Sneh Ponkshe. This is Sneh’s first film as a director. So the audience will get to see something unique and entertaining.

What did Sharad Ponkshe say?

Sharad Ponkshe has given his reaction about this new film. I am making my debut in the field of production through Leka’s film. There can be no greater happiness than this. I have seen the journey from the idea of ​​’Banjara’ to the shooting of Sneh. The subject is different. This is a film that will be liked by every age group. Actually every person is a ‘Banjara’ in life. Sharad Ponkshe said that this will be experienced while watching the film.

What is the response to affection?

I am working with my father for the first time. His experience helped me a lot. The journey to reach the destination should be more enjoyable than the destination, but we often miss out on this joy. ‘Banjara’ itself underlines its importance. Sneh Ponkshe said, I am sure the audience will like this film.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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