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Shamli: A bike rider was thrown several feet in the air after being hit by a car, the incident was caught on CCTV

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Chaos at speed in Shamli

Not long ago, the country saw a painful picture from Pune, Maharashtra. After that incident, there was a long and vocal discussion on road accidents, but despite all this discussion, road accidents are still not under control. The latest case has come from Shamli in Uttar Pradesh. Here a speeding car hit the bike rider hard. A horrifying video of the accident has also surfaced.

A high speed crash has been seen in the police station building area of ​​Shamli. Here, a car hit an old man riding a bike from behind. After the collision, the deceased jumped up and fell under the front wheel of the vehicle and the vehicle ran over him. The speed of the car can be estimated from the fact that even after hitting the bike, the accused driver dragged the bike and the old man on it for a long distance. The accused did not stop the car. This video is very scary.

The accused left the car and ran away

After the incident, the accused car rider left his car there and ran away. The accused driver dragged the deceased Peetam Chand’s bike for a long distance. The video of this incident was captured in the CCTV camera and is currently going viral on social media. Pitam Singh’s son Bittu has filed a complaint at the police station and demanded legal action regarding the incident.

The case was filed by the deceased’s son

Bittu, the son of the deceased, says that my father was going to Jalalabad from Harda village. The oncoming vehicle then hit his bike and threw it in the air, due to which he died painfully on the spot. The accused is absconding since the incident. The family members are in a bad condition and are crying. Now the son of the deceased has made this matter painful and demanded action. The police are investigating the matter.

(Reporting by Shravan Pandit/Shamli)

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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