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Shameful! 70-year-old man raped in Ujjain, sat outside police station for 12 hours… Police awaiting medical report

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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70 year old man raped in Ujjain

It seems that people coming to Ujjain are not as safe now as the metros. Sometimes innocent people are raped here in the dark of night and sometimes even in the bright light of the rising sun, some miscreants do not stop to rape an old woman. One such case occurred at police station GRP, where a youth threatened and raped an elderly woman who had come to Ujjain in search of work. The limit was reached when instead of helping an elderly woman who reached the police station hoping for justice, the officials waited for 12 hours for the medical report and after that a report of rape was registered.

In fact, a 70-year-old woman from Bina, MP came to Ujjain with her son in search of work. The elderly woman was sleeping with her son on platform number eight of the railway station when a miscreant approached her at 6 am and threatened her to come with him. Meanwhile the old lady also tried to protest but there was no one to help her on the platform in the morning.

The miscreant threatened him and took him away.

The miscreant threatened him and took him with him to a broken railway quarter near Nilganga. Here he raped an old woman and ran away. After this incident, the old lady approached her son and narrated the story of what happened to her. Seeking justice, both mother and son reached the GRP police station where they reported the entire matter to the police.

The police wrote a report after 12 hours

But the police didn’t believe the old lady at all. This is the reason why they got the old lady’s medical done for prosecution but till the medical report confirmed the rape, the case was not registered in the matter. The police started action only after receiving a report in the case of rape of an elderly woman who was awaiting justice for almost 12 hours.

Police examining CCTV footage

Platform number eight is the least crowded place in the railway station. After this incident, the police are interrogating the people coming and going here, but along with this, the police have also checked the footage of the cameras installed here so that the accused can be caught at the earliest. GRP and RPF stations of the railways are located near the railway station where the incident took place. Apart from this, Nilganga Police Station and Dewasgate Police Station are also a few steps away, but despite this vigilance, the criminals probably have no fear of the police, which is why they are committing such crimes without any fear. .

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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