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Selected in RTE, but not admitted even after 4 months, now questions arise – when will children go to school?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Under RTE stands for Right to Education, every child is given the right to education by the Constitution of India. This law was made to ensure that children of all classes get a higher level of education, but now even after so many years of independence, children are not getting this basic right in many places. This is not because admissions are not taking place under RTE, but it is happening because admissions are taking place but children are not getting admission in schools despite being selected.

The latest case has come to light from Gautama Buddha Nagar. Here the children selected under Right to Education Rules i.e. ITI are not getting admission in schools even after four months have passed. The department may be claiming that admissions are taking place, but the problems faced by parents while making the rounds of government offices tell a different story.

Parents are roaming outside the offices

Parents, who have been constantly circling outside the office of the Principal Education Officer, say that the school officials have been repeatedly saying that their applications are being verified, but have been hearing the same answer for the last four months. No satisfactory answer is given to them. On the other hand, after not getting any response from the BSA officials, the parents contacted the district officer and told their problems. The situation is such that children are starting to ask when they will go to school, but there is no answer to this question from their parents.

The department is sending notices, but all are ineffective

The department has sent notices to the schools several times but still the school administration is covering up the basic education department. The parents who came to the office say that they are tired of running but are not heard anywhere. This is the question of children’s year, will children face huge hardship due to late admission and who will be responsible if their year is ruined.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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