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‘Santraj is alive, I am not Sarkatwa…’ Man jailed for murder found alive after 24 years

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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I am not a sarkatwa, I live in peace. Check out his video and photo here… A person wakes up every morning. Goes around the village. Show each person a video and photo of a person. He says look, he is alive. All the allegations against me were false. The case is from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. A person was sent to jail in a case of murder and kidnapping of a person here. He remained in jail for three years. He was later released due to lack of evidence. But the villagers started taunting him everyday.

He started teasing the person asking him to move. The guy tells everyone that he didn’t kill anyone. Also no one has been kidnapped. But the villagers did not listen to him. Rage kept taunting him. Then after 24 years something happened that now the villagers are realizing their mistake. That ‘dead’ person was found alive after 24 years. When the person accused of ‘murder’ came to know about this, he felt a sense of relief. Then he would wake up every morning and start work. He shows the photo of the person who taunts him and says look he is alive. You people taunted me unnecessarily for 24 years. I was kept in jail for three years for no reason.

The case is of Semrahia Tola of Kusami Koli village. Ramnagi, who lived here, wandered from place to place for 24 years to wash away the scars of abduction and murder on her forehead. He kept telling everyone that he didn’t kidnap or kill anyone, but no one believed him. The police also took action against them. A case was registered and the innocent person was sent to jail. The case lasted for three years. The court acquitted him due to lack of evidence, but the villagers continued to look at him with contempt.

Ramnagina’s eyes lit up when the ‘deceased’ Santaraj returned to the village. After seeing it, Ramnagina has been reaching out to people with photos and videos of Santaraj every morning to regain her lost reputation. He says that now he should be considered innocent.

What is the whole matter?

The date was 28 September 2001. Santaraj, a resident of Semaria in Kusami Koli village, suddenly disappeared while sleeping outside his house. His wife accused five people, including Patidar Ramnagina, of abducting and killing her husband. Enraged by this incident, people broke into the house of Ramnagi and others and ransacked it. There was a huge uproar. Four days after Santaraj’s abduction, his body was recovered from a drain near the village. Then the family members identified the deceased as Santaraj. But later during the postmortem it was found that the body was that of a woman, though by then the Khorabar police had sent the accused to jail.

Acquitted after three years

Later, instead of murder, only kidnapping was registered. The accused Ram Nagina and others were acquitted in the case on March 27, 2003, but the villagers continued to believe Ram Nagina was the murderer. Some people started taunting him by calling him Sarkatwa. Sentraj reached the village 20 days ago. Everyone is surprised to see him but Ramnagina still has to fight for her reputation.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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