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Salwar-blouse, lipstick and bindi on the forehead… Airport officer committed suicide by dressing as a woman, why?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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An officer working at the airport in Uttarakhand’s Pantnagar committed suicide at his home. His body was found disguised as a woman, which raised many questions. Where did makeup kits and women’s clothing come from? Did the officials bring it all themselves or order it from someone? Or is there another character involved in this incident? The police have started investigating the case considering several angles like sexual disorder, blackmailing and online activity.

In this case the question is also raised whether this was the result of some disorder or something else? Now these questions will be answered only by police investigation. The incident took place on Sunday midnight. Ashish Chaunsli, an assistant manager working at the Pantnagar airport, behaved as normal on Sunday as on any other day. The party continued till late evening at his house. Then at 10:30 pm, the three people present in the house went to sleep. When the door of the room was broken on Monday morning, everyone was stunned to see the scene there. Ashish, who was found hanging with the help of Chunni, had his entire outfit changed. He had make-up on his face but he was no longer alive.

The nephew broke the door

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Police were immediately informed. The police reached the spot and recovered his body and sent it for post-mortem. On Monday around 6 am his nephew Akash knocked on the door of Ashish’s room, but got no answer, at 8:30 he again knocked on the door of Ashish’s room, but still got no answer. . After this Akash and Ashish’s friend Bharat and a neighbor broke the door and found Ashish hanging from a fan inside.

Was wearing salwar, blouse and nighty

According to eyewitnesses, Ashish who was hanged was dressed as a woman. She was wearing salwar below, blouse above and nighty above it. She wore lipstick on her lips, bindi on her forehead and a long hair wig. Ashish’s nephew Akash had been staying with him for two years. He works in a bank. While Ashish’s friend Bharat came two days ago. Partyed all three nights. But the next day Ashish’s body was found hanging in the room. That too in a woman’s dress.

Even for the police, the investigation into Ashish’s death is very complicated. No suicide note was found from the spot. The police have sent his phone for investigation. Further investigation is going on in this matter. The police said that the matter would be solved soon.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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