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Saamna: Self-proclaimed Vishwaguru will have to answer for ‘NEET’ business, who will pay from ‘Saamna’?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Are we going to become gurus by cracking and selling competitive exam papers? The central government has been criticized through the front page of Saamana in the case of NEET exam scam. The self-proclaimed Vishwaguru is to be blamed for the shoplifting in NEET. A question has been asked in the match, ‘Was the government machinery sleeping when the scam and buying and selling of question papers was happening in the NEET exam?’ Has the government kept systems like CBI and ED only to blackmail the opposition? The goal of this government is to make the country a Vishwa-guru; but are we going to become Vishwa Guru by cracking and selling papers of all competitive exams including NEET? This question has been attacked. A lot of money was showered on the toppers by setting up a money market in the NEET exam. The CBI investigation will continue; but the Education Minister and the self-proclaimed Vishwa Guru will also have to give information about this shoplifting in NEET, it has been said in Saamana.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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