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Room no. 104, Russian girl in hotel…number of rich people seen in mobile

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Police are questioning a Russian girl.

Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur police raided a hotel late at night based on information about prostitution. During the raid, there was a stampede in the hotel. When the police checked the hotel room, they found a Russian foreigner girl resting in room number 104 of the hotel. The police have seized a visa passport and a mobile phone from him. In which contacts of Jabalpur nobles and WhatsApp chats of conversations with them have been found. Currently, the girl is not ready to say anything during the police interrogation.

Police are busy investigating why the foreign girl came to Jabalpur. Currently, the police have taken the girl into custody and are contacting the Uzbekistan police. After the investigation, the reason why the girl has come to Jabalpur can be revealed. The Madhotal police of Jabalpur got information from an informer that a big prostitution racket was going on in Hotel Mid Journey in the police station area. In which Russian girls are being brought from abroad to serve in the prostitution business.

A Russian girl was found in room number 104

This information was given to senior police officers. In this matter, Madhotal police station formed a team and raided the hotel with women police staff. During the raid, the police found a 34-year-old woman from Uzbekistan in room number 104 of the hotel. The police questioned the woman as to why she had come to Jabalpur. But the girl could not give any answer to the police. In the same matter, when the police strictly questioned the hotel manager, they came to know that the girl had come and stayed at the hotel mid-journey on June 3. But this information was not given to the police by the hotel manager.

Leave the hotel in the morning and return in the evening

The police learned that the girl used to leave the hotel early in the morning and return to the hotel late in the evening. No one has any idea where she was going. In this case, Madhotal police station in-charge Vipin Tamarakar says that after informing senior officials, the hotel was raided mid-journey on a tip-off about prostitution. Where a Russian girl from Uzbekistan was found in a hotel.

The hotel manager did not provide information

The hotel manager did not even inform the police about the foreign girl’s stay. According to the rules, it is mandatory to report to the police if any foreigner is staying in a hotel. But this has been hidden by the hotel manager. However, a case has been registered against the hotel manager for concealing information. At the same time, while taking the girl to safety, her visa, passport and mobile have been confiscated and an investigation into the entire matter has been initiated. The Uzbekistan police are also being contacted regarding this and it is also being known for what purpose the woman has come to Jabalpur. Along with this, the police is also contacting the people connected with the call history found in the mobile.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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