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Remember, my boat is Manoj Jarange, a strong gesture from the government.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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There is no alternative unless the government takes a full-scale role. What is the rule of law, the Marathas are the Kunbis of Maratha society. As the Hyderabad Gazette Association is a government register, the records are not being probed, so Manoj Jarange Patil has demanded Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Home Minister to start an immediate probe.

Along with gawagwas, talukas and taluks, Hyderabad are institutions or government registers. Or whatever country or state has no government employees, they get reservation. Mandatory to give reservation to Marathas within 13th. What is false, what is bogus is given to you, what is true is not given. So I beg you with folded hands, I beg you to speak very clearly. Manoj Jarang Patil has indicated the government to interact with the media.

Why did anyone object to stopping registration?

Government records are Marathwadia, Marathas, roar. Satara Sanstha’s articles belong to the government, i.e. don’t roar, the Marathas of western Maharashtra will be ashamed, the British-era Bombay Gazette is government’s wheat, i.e. the entire state is under reservation.

Why did anyone object to stopping registration? He thought about such a question. The idea of ​​stopping government registration due to certain movements not actually existing because of the government, has to be announced in Maharashtra and across the country. Marathavadyatala Maratha society says kunbi, asan keda. Government servants do not reject anyone. Jarange Patil said that Kunbi records are found in Guyana villages.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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