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Received the first installment for the PM residence, as soon as she received the money, she left her husband and children and ran away with her lover.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A shocking incident has come to light in Uttar Pradesh’s Maharajganj. Here a woman applied for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. After receiving the first installment of this scheme, she withdrew the money from the bank and ran away with her lover, leaving home and family. After getting information about the matter, the DM of Maharajganj has ordered to register a case. Not only this one woman but 11 other people have also committed such incidents in the district. Some of these 11 people fled abroad and some went missing.

This was revealed in a meeting of the DRDA project director who reached the block to review the plan for the year 2023-24. Based on the report released after the meeting, the DM has now ordered to find all these people and register a case against them. Project Director Ramdarsh ​​Chaudhary held a meeting with the secretaries in Nichlaul block two days ago to review the plan. During this review meeting, it was revealed that 11 beneficiaries were missing after receiving the first installment.

The woman took the money and settled in Nepal

The secretary has been calling him continuously, but no one is being contacted. After this input, when the concerned secretaries went to check the beneficiary’s house, the information they got was shocking. As the first installment unfolds, a woman is revealed to have left her family and run away with her lover. Similarly, it was learned about another female beneficiary that as soon as the first installment came, she withdrew money from the bank and left for Nepal and is currently living there.

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Neither the house was built nor the answer

In the year 2023-24, the first installment of PM housing was sent to a woman living in Meghauli Khurd of the district. This woman has neither built a house nor been found at the address she gave. Not only this, when the secretary calls him to investigate, he hangs up. During the investigation it was found that the woman beneficiary left her in-laws house after receiving the first installment and now she is staying at her maternal uncle’s house. Similarly, a woman from Bajahi village went to Nepal and settled after getting money. This woman was given the benefit of this scheme in the year 2018-19.

The husband found the missing woman and brought her back

A woman beneficiary of Sohgi Barwa village was found to have also gone missing after taking money from PM Awas Yojana. However, her husband has now found her and brought her back and started digging the foundation as planned. One such case is that of a woman resident of Khesraha Shitalpur. As soon as the woman received the first installment of the scheme, she left her husband and children and eloped with her lover.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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