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Raveena Tandon broke her silence on the drunken killing of an elderly woman, the story turned out to be different.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Raveena Tandon broke her silence on the viral video issue

Recently a video of Raveena Tandon went viral. In the video, the actress was seen surrounded by a crowd, people were videoing her and accusing her of hitting an elderly woman who was drunk. Not only that, a person named Mohammad made serious allegations against the actress in his video. He said that the actress’ driver first hit her mother with the car, then Raveena hit her mother and also broke her head.

Many things are being said against Raveena Tandon after this video came out. But now Raveena Tandon has been given a clean chit in this whole matter. In fact, after seeing the CCTV footage of that area, the entire matter has come to light. The footage shows that no one was injured by Raveena’s car. After investigating the matter, the police have confirmed that the actress’ driver was driving the car properly.

According to information received, Raveena’s driver was reversing to park the car outside her bungalow, when a man and three women from the same house came and assaulted him. He said he might get hit. But no one was hit. Raveena thanked her followers on her Instagram stories, appreciating their love, support and trust. He said, “Thank you for all the love, trust and support! The gist of the story? Get Dashcam and CCTV now!”

Not only this, the police also found in this case that Raveena and her driver were not intoxicated. A witness has confirmed that Raveena did not drink alcohol. There was an uproar on social media after watching the viral video. Everyone thought it was Raveena’s fault. But now the matter has become clear.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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