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Rajasthan: Truck and Bolero collide in Karauli, 9 people including 2 children died in the accident

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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9 people have died, while 4 people have been seriously injured in a horrific road accident in Karauli, Rajasthan. In this road accident that occurred on Monday evening, a truck and a Bolero collided. Nine people, including six women and two children, have been confirmed dead in the accident, while the injured have been taken to hospital and are undergoing treatment. Karauli administrative officials have reached the spot.

According to information, a fierce collision took place between a bolero and a truck on the Karauli-Mandarail road in Karauli at around 5 pm. The sound of headbutting was heard far and wide. The front end of the Bolero is completely damaged. This road accident took place near Dundapura turn. The accident was reported to the police after which the rescue team and policemen reached the spot.

The bodies were pulled out of the bolero by the police and local people and others during the accident and were rushed to the hospital.

News is being updated.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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