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Rajasthan: Murder of husband and lover was becoming a hindrance in illegal relationship

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A sensational case has come to light from Baran in Rajasthan. Here a wife killed her husband along with her lover. The wife gave betel nut in her name to get her husband killed. She made a deal with a betel nut killer for one lakh rupees to kill her husband. Now the police have taken action in this case and arrested four accused including the wife. Further proceedings in this case are ongoing.

On June 24, Ashiq Ahmed, a resident of Bajrang Nagar, filed a case of murder of his brother. He said that we both brothers live in separate houses with our respective families in Chipapadud town. My 40 year old elder brother was living in Chippabdud with his wife and children. That brother was addicted to smack. When they reached the spot along with other family members after receiving information about the brother’s death around 12 pm, Hakeem Khan was lying dead outside the house with blood flowing from the back of the head and one arm was also broken. .

Gave betel nut to his relatives

The police reached on getting information about the incident, took possession of the body and sent it for post-mortem and registered a case under relevant sections. Information was received that about 7 to 8 months ago Farooq Hussain residing at Chhabra was living on rent in the house of deceased Hakeem Khan. Meanwhile, a love affair was formed between Farooq Hussain and Raisa Bano alias Rani, the wife of deceased Hakeem Khan. The wife conspired with her lover to get her husband Hakeem out of the way. About 15-20 days before this Raisa and her lover Farooq made a deal with Raisa’s nephew Asif Khan and Raisa’s brother Salim’s daughter Rubina Bano’s husband Rizwan Khan to kill Hakeem for three lakh rupees.

First strangulated and then dumped the body

The four chose the night of 22nd June to kill Hakeem Khan, but the four did not succeed in killing Hakeem Khan on this day. The next day on June 23, both Asif and Rizwan were called to the house to kill Farooq and Raisa. That evening Farooq went to his house in Chhabra, so that no one would suspect him of killing Hakim Khan. Then around 9 pm both Asif and Rizwan came to Hakeem’s house with a motorcycle. Hakeem was sleeping on the terrace at that time. Raisa Bano, Asif Khan, Rizwan Khan strangled Hakeem and threw his body from the roof of the house against the wall. After receiving the complaint, the police acted in the case and arrested deceased Hakim Khan’s wife Raisa Bano alias Rani, her lover Farooq Hussain, Asif Khan and Rizwan Khan alias Bhuru Khan.

(Reporting by Brijesh Kumar/Baran)

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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