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Rajasthan: Dogs became laborers in MNREGA! There was an uproar after seeing the photo on the website

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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‘Dogs’ are seen working MNREGA in shifts

A shocking case has come to light from Pali, Rajasthan. A unique fraud was observed here. Here, the presence of nine laborers in MGNREGA was marked, but photos of two dogs were uploaded on the portal. When this photo posted on the portal went viral, the eyes of the officials were opened. BDO has blacklisted mate Arvind Kumar for one year on the order of Lokpal Chainsingh Panwar after the uproar.

In Sediya village of Pali, a case of putting pictures of dogs instead of laborers in road construction work under MNREGA has come to light. The village comes under Gram Panchayat Itandra of Rani Panchayat Samiti. Matt uploaded photos of two dogs to the portal. After this, the presence of 9 laborers was also posted on the portal. After taking action, the departmental officers are now seen giving clarifications in their defence.

What did the officer say?

Harisinh Rajpurohit, Executive Engineer of Municipal Council MGNREGA, said that on April 15, work was underway to build a gravel road from Bera Chosia to Bera Kumari Wala. MET should have photographed the workers during attendance, but instead of photographing the workers, they took photographs of the dogs and uploaded them on the portal. Ombudsman Chainsingh Panwar says that after receiving a complaint about uploading photos of dogs, a letter was sent to Rani’s BDO. After this the fellow was blacklisted. He said that the manner in which the photo of the dog has been uploaded on the portal shows negligence on the part of the fellow. This photo has been uploaded deliberately, as there were no workers at the workplace, else whose photo would have been uploaded.

Investigation of the case is ongoing

This incident is said to be on April 15. This photo was uploaded on the same day. Once a photo is uploaded to the portal, it cannot be deleted or edited. Officials came to know about this after the photo went viral. After this there was a commotion in the department. An investigation is currently underway into the case of Matt’s negligence.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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