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Rajasthan: Didn’t go to school for 25 years, took full salary, now government will collect 9 crore rupees… Hero of teacher husband and wife

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Teacher husband and wife prowess

A major fraud has been exposed in Rajasthan’s Baran district. Bhajanlal government from two government teachers of the state Rs. 9 crore will be recovered. The department has registered a case in the police station to recover this amount. Rajpura Govt School teacher couple in Baran Rs. 9 crores 31 lakhs 50 thousand 373 to be recovered. It is alleged that teacher couple Vishnu Garg and Manju Garg were getting teaching done by dummy teachers.

On the instructions of the Government Secretary, Government of Rajasthan, the Education Department has registered a case under section 420, 409 and embezzlement against teacher couple Vishnu Garg and wife Manju Garg on charges of embezzlement and dummy teachers in government school Rajpura in Baran district. Police have been instructed to make arrests in cases of embezzlement of nutrition and salary here.

The game was running for 25 years

A teaching couple, Vishnu and Manju Garg, have been working in a government school in Rajpura for the past 25 years, but instead of going to school, the two used to work with dummy teachers. Here the dummy teachers were given a monthly salary of Rs 5000 instead of both. The dummy teacher going there called himself Vishnu Garg and Manju Garg. Baran administration took action after reaching the school in December 2023.

Sign in to registration but teacher missing

After reaching here, the teacher couple disappeared from the school and two women and a man were found teaching in their place. When asked where Manju Garg was, she was shown on leave in the register while Vishnu Garg’s signature was in the register but she was missing from the school. The police took action and arrested both the dummy teachers. The investigation also revealed that the teacher couple cheated on the nutrition of the children and grabbed a huge amount of money. Both the teacher couple are absconding since this action, but the government is taking the whole matter seriously and has registered a case to recover the amount.

(Reporting by Brijesh Kumar/Baran)

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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