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Railway News: If you are also traveling by train like this… be careful, important decision of railway

Pratik Mehta

By Pratik Mehta

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The Indian Railways network is the fourth largest network in the world. More than 2.5 lakh passengers travel by Indian Railways every day. Since rail travel is the cheapest, Indians can travel long distances only by rail trains. In such a situation, many people are waiting for their tickets to be confirmed. But when the demand is high and there is a shortage of trains. At that time, passengers get a huge waiting list. Therefore, passengers are traveling in trains even if they have waiting tickets, but now the Railways has decided to take action against such passengers with waiting tickets.

Videos of crowd in long distance railway trains went viral on social media during the summer season. Some passengers travel long distances by train even without ticket confirmation. After this, they travel by getting tickets from TC. This gives revenue to the railways, but it causes trouble to the reserved passengers of the railways. This has led to criticism of the railway administration. Therefore, the Central Railway has decided to deboard the passengers traveling on such waiting tickets from the train.

Even if the ticket is not confirmed, some passengers board the train on the same ticket and are ready to pay the fine without hesitation. Such passengers can easily pay the fare and fine to the ticket inspector on reaching the station from where they boarded and where they are going. Crowds of passengers have started gathering in trains. Due to this, passengers with reserved tickets often have to face such a situation that there is no place to sit. Therefore, now Central Railway has taken a decision.

Action taken against passengers

on waiting list tickets by train Now Central Railway has taken a decision in view of the huge inconvenience caused to reserved ticket holders while traveling. After many passengers complained about this on social media, Central Railway has decided to deboard unreserved passengers from the train. Central Railway said that on Thursday 1,628 passengers without reserved tickets were deboarded from long distance trains. After the increase in complaints from reserved ticket holders, Central Railway has barred passengers from traveling on the basis of waiting list tickets purchased online and at PRS ticket window.

Pratik Mehta

Pratik Mehta

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