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Rahul Gandhi seems to be changing, is there a plan to win UP with the help of Rae Bareli?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Congress MP Rahul Gandhi reached Rae Bareli

Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi seems to have changed after winning the Lok Sabha elections. After being elected MP from Rae Bareli Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi has visited his parliamentary constituency for the second time in a month and this is his third visit to Uttar Pradesh. In Rae Bareli, he will not only be seen holding meetings with Congress workers but also trying to find out the reality of the district’s development. Since the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the way Rahul Gandhi has been active from Parliament to the streets and reaching his parliamentary constituency for the second time in a month, the political implications are coming out.

The morale of the Congress is high after the victory in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. After a decade, the Congress has gained strength in Delhi politics, while its victory in six seats in Uttar Pradesh has raised hopes of its re-emergence. The Congress has been exiled from power in UP for three and a half decades and Rahul Gandhi faced defeat in Amethi in 2019, which led to Rahul Gandhi making his mother Sonia Gandhi’s Rae Bareli seat his seat in the 2024 elections. Leaving the Wayanad seat, Rae Bareli has been kept for itself so that the Congress can regain its political lifeline in UP politics. Rahul Gandhi has already started working on the strategy to win UP through Rae Bareli.

Rahul took blessings at Churuwa Hanuman temple

After winning the Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi came on a one-day visit to his parliamentary constituency on June 10. Now Rahul Gandhi has reached Rae Bareli for the second time on Tuesday. Rahul first went to the Churuwa Hanuman temple and took blessings. After this, he reached Bhumau Guest House in Rae Bareli, where Rahul Gandhi will meet party workers. After the meeting with the workers, we will discuss the development works of the district, so that after the MP is elected, the development works of the district are done on a priority basis. In the meantime, we will get information about the works done by Rahul from his mother MP Sonia Gandhi’s MP fund.

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Rahul Gandhi (11)

Rahul Gandhi at Churuva Hanuman Temple

Rahul met the father of martyred Captain Anshuman Singh

Rahul Gandhi will meet the family of Captain Anshuman Singh who was martyred in Siachen Glacier on July 19, 2023 at Bhumau Guest House. Martyr Captain Anshuman Singh was honored with Kirti Chakra. Martyr’s wife Smriti received the honor from President Draupadi Murmu. Martyr Captain Anshuman Singh’s father Ravi Pratap Singh and mother Manju Singh reached Rae Bareli to meet Rahul Gandhi. After this, Rahul Gandhi is also going to visit a village in Rae Bareli, from where Rahul Gandhi can try to deliver a political message to his parliamentary constituency as well as the state. It is believed that Rahul Gandhi may go to some Dalit colonies.

Rahul Gandhi’s focus is on Rae Bareli

Ramesh Shukla, a local journalist of Rae Bareli while talking to TV-9 Digital said that Rae Bareli is at the first place in Rahul Gandhi’s list. He mentioned this during the Lok Sabha election campaign. That is why we want to keep ourselves active in Rae Bareli, because Sonia Gandhi has not come for five years due to confidence after winning the MP election in 2019. In such a situation, the opposition is alleging that the Gandhi family only comes to contest the elections and then does not visit the area. Rahul Gandhi’s second visit to Rae Bareli in a month is an attempt to break the same narrative.

Ramesh Shukla says that Rahul Gandhi does not want to repeat the same mistake as Amethi in Rae Bareli area. He does not want to leave Rae Bareli for a manager but has a strategy to maintain his presence by visiting the area himself. That is why Rahul Gandhi has come to Rae Bareli for the second time in a month. During this time, we will participate in the district development plan meeting, so that we can properly assess the development of the district. Rahul Gandhi is focusing on UP on the pretext of Rae Bareli, as the Congress has been searching for its lost ground in the state for a long time and the 2024 results have given it a glimmer of hope.

This is a big change in Rahul Gandhi. So far he was only talking about development, but he has been talking about enhancing the ties and work done by his forefathers with Amethi-Rae Bareli. Trying to express his feelings with Rae Bareli. Rahul Gandhi has been seen following the same pattern in Rae Bareli during and after the elections. From this it can be understood that Rahul Gandhi wants to keep Rae Bareli as a permanent seat.

Congress won 9 seats in the Lok Sabha elections

Congress has won 6 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh this time and lost five seats by narrow margins. Congress people are excited about the results of 2024 elections. In such a situation, a trying period has begun for UP, Congress has chosen the path of pressure politics for this. Its reflection can be seen in Lok Sabha Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Hathras and subsequent letter to CM Yogi Adityanath. Now Rahul has reached Rae Bareli on Tuesday. In such a situation, his activism regarding UP will act as a pressure on BJP and UP government.

Congress is doing well this time in UP

Congress has been in exile from power in UP since 1989. In 2014, Congress had two seats while in 2019, it had only one Lok Sabha seat in its account. In 2019, Rahul Gandhi lost the election from Amethi. After contesting only 17 seats in this election, Congress has won 6 seats. These six seats include Amethi, Rae Bareli along with Allahabad and Saharanpur, where the Congress won after 40 years. Congress is looking for a big chance for itself in 2027 assembly elections due to alliance with SP and then the pro-Congress tilt of Muslim and Dalit voters. In such a situation, Rahul is trying to make Rae Bareli a political weapon to maintain his activism in UP.

Rahul Gandhi (12)

Rahul Gandhi met Hathras victims

Work began on a policy of pressure politics

Congress and Rahul Gandhi have already started working on the policy of pressure politics regarding UP. Be it NEET issue or Hathras incident. Although NEET is a national issue, the Congress has chosen the agitation route to strengthen its stand here by calling UP the epicenter of the paper leak. First, the main organization of the Congress started the movement. After this NSUI and Youth Congress took charge. Meanwhile, when the Hathras incident happened, Rahul Gandhi wasted no time in reaching out to the people. After reaching Hathras and Aligarh, Rahul Gandhi met the families of the victims and was seen giving a political message while sharing their pain and suffering.

Rahul Gandhi held the administration responsible for the Hathras disaster and demanded compensation for the victims’ families. Soon after this, Rahul Gandhi wrote to CM Yogi and said that the compensation given to the victims is too low, which should be increased by the government and given to them on time without any delay. After this, Rahul Gandhi has now reached Rae Bareli, where he will review the developments in his parliamentary constituency and meet party leaders to boost their morale. Thus, UP is featuring most prominently in Rahul Gandhi’s agenda.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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