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Rahul Gandhi, active from Parliament to the streets, met the families of victims of Hathras and delivered a political message

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Congress may not have been able to return to power in the country, but its morale is high after winning 99 Lok Sabha seats. Rahul Gandhi, who is holding the post of Leader of the Opposition for the first time, is seen active from the Parliament to the streets. In the Lok Sabha, Rahul was seen taking aggressive stance against the Modi government, from hate speech to Agniveer, and took to the streets as soon as the special session of Parliament ended. On Thursday, Rahul met daily laborers in Delhi’s GTB Nagar and on Friday reached the families of the Hathras accident victims. Thus Rahul Gandhi is now seen in high spirits and is trying to convey the political message from the Parliament to the streets.

The victory in the Lok Sabha elections has given political life to the Congress. Rahul Gandhi now wants to leave no chance to maintain the atmosphere created by the 2024 elections. Rahul wants to keep an open front against the BJP and the Modi government by being active from Parliament to the streets. The way he aggressively surrounded the Modi government in Parliament and then took to the streets and started the process of meeting the people again. Rahul Gandhi’s changed style after the 2024 Lok Sabha elections is being discussed.

Rahul met the Hathras accident victims

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi reached the Hathras accident victims’ families on Friday. First met the families of the victims in Aligarh and heard their grief and then met the families of the victims in Hathras. Rahul Gandhi said that it is sad that many families have suffered. I don’t want to look at it through a political lens, but the administration is lacking and mistakes have definitely been made. Rahul has demanded UP CM Yogi Adityanath to give compensation to the affected families at the earliest. Rahul said that the compensation should be fair. Rahul said that I request the Chief Minister to give compensation wholeheartedly and it should be given as soon as possible, because these are poor families and this is a difficult time for them.

A satsang was held in Phulrai village of UP’s Hathras, where 121 people died in a stampede on Tuesday. In such a situation, Rahul Gandhi met the families of the victims of the Hathras disaster on Friday and shared their pain and suffering. In this way, Rahul Gandhi was seen not only sharing the grief of the victims’ families but also giving a political message. Chhote Lal, whom Rahul Gandhi met in Aligarh, comes from a Dalit community. Most of the people who died in the Hathras accident belonged to the Dalit community. In such a situation, Rahul Gandhi may have reached among the victims, but it is being considered as a strategy to preserve the Dalit votes received in the Lok Sabha elections.

Rahul Gandhi..

Met the families of the victims in Aligarh

Rahul among daily wage laborers in Delhi

As soon as the Parliament session ended, Rahul Gandhi hit the road and reached Delhi’s GTB Nagar on Thursday, where he met daily laborers and workers and understood their problems. Rahul Gandhi interacted with the workers and assured to solve their problems. Rahul held a long discussion with workers at the Labor Chowk in Kingsway Camp. Meanwhile, the Congress said that hardworking workers are the backbone of India’s economy. It is our responsibility to make their life simple and secure their future. Rahul Gandhi has gone among labourers, laborers and farmers many times. Even a year ago, Rahul reached a garage in Delhi. Worked with a mechanic there. Thus, Rahul Gandhi wants to maintain his activism among the people and is seen trying to convey a political message of fighting for the poor and the labourers.

Rahul Gandhi GTB

Rahul Gandhi met daily laborers in GTB Nagar

Rahul Gandhi showed an aggressive attitude in Parliament

Rahul Gandhi has been aggressive since assuming the post of Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha. During the debate on the President’s address in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi attacked the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi in his maiden speech was seen focusing on the issue of Hindutva based on Lord Shiva and Abhay mudra. He attacked Agniveer, farmers, Manipur, NEET, unemployment, demonetisation, GST, MSP, violence and hatred. He began his 90-minute speech by showing a copy of the constitution and accused the BJP of inciting fear and inciting violence.

Rahul Gandhi said that Hindus cannot spread fear, but BJP is spreading fear. Rahul said that the Modi government waived loans worth Rs 16 lakh crore to industrialists but did not waive the loans of farmers. After this he raised the issue of Agniveer and said that the whole country knows that this is an army scheme. The army knows that this scheme is the brain child of the PM and not of the army. Rahul said that if our government comes, we will eliminate Agniveer. During Rahul’s speech, Modi stood in the middle of many important ministers of the government. By showing an aggressive attitude in this way, Rahul Gandhi has shown his style that he will leave no chance to surround the Modi government in the House.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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