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Pune Rain: Rain in Pune before the end of June, almost half the annual average, MP angry at the administration

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Due to rain in Pune on Saturday, all the roads of the city were flooded.

Last year’s heavy rains have given a good start to this year. Pune city has been receiving heavy rains for the last three-four days. This rainfall in Pune city has exceeded the average for the month of June. Also, almost half of the annual average rainfall has occurred. Due to heavy rains in the last few days, the city has recorded 41 percent of the annual average rainfall at the beginning of the monsoon season. About 315 mm of rain has been recorded in Pune city so far this year.

The city was inundated by heavy rains on Saturday

Heavy rains lashed Pune city on Saturday. The city was submerged in water due to this rain. 117 mm of rain was recorded in Shivajinagar. This is the first time since 1991 that such a large amount of rain has been recorded in a single day. About 64 percent of the average rainfall of June fell in a single day.

The work of the Municipal Corporation was disrupted due to heavy rains in Pune city on Saturday evening. Waterlogging occurred in many parts of the city. MP Medha Kulkarni has made such allegations against the Municipal Corporation administration. This was given to Municipal Corporation Commissioner and Administrator Dr. Rajendra Bhosale.

Ignoring unauthorised constructions

Pune BJP MP Prof. Prof has alleged that the city was submerged in water during Saturday’s rain due to the negligence of unauthorized constructions in Pune city and the sin of the Municipal Corporation of blocking natural drains. Produced by Dr. Medha Kulkarni.

There has been no increase in the Khadakvasla dam

Even after three days of rain, water storage in the Khadakvasla dam chain area has not increased. Only 4.21 TMC water storage is left in the Khadakvasla dam chain area. 120 mm of rain is required to increase water storage in the Khadakvasla dam chain area.

Due to rain, the supply of vegetables in Pune has reduced

Due to rains across the state, the arrival of vegetables in Pune has reduced. The arrival of vegetables in Pune’s Krishi Upaj Bazar Samiti is less but the demand is high. Due to this, the price of many vegetables has increased drastically. The price of onion, green chillies, capsicum, cucumber, green vegetables has increased by five to ten percent. But the price of tomatoes has come down in Pune market. Flowers have also suffered heavy damage due to rain. Due to less arrival, the price of flowers has also increased.

heavy rain in solapur district

There has been heavy rain in Mohol taluka of Solapur district. Due to continuous rain for five days, the Sina-Bhogavati rivers have started flowing at a fast pace. Farmers are happy with the rain in drought-affected areas. Water has accumulated in the fields of Salikpeth, Ekurke, Bhoyre, Hingani, Bopale areas of Mohol taluka and in some places water has started flowing due to breaking of the dam.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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