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Provoked the groom, but he did not agree, then the relative himself reached the mandap and fulfilled the bride’s demand, then …

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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During a wedding in Uttar Pradesh’s Bhadohi, an uproar broke out in the mandap after another young man applied vermilion to the bridegroom instead of the groom. Everyone was surprised by this sudden incident. The bride and groom accompanying her were stunned. He wasn’t sure if this was reality or a dream. The girl’s party caught hold of the demanding young man and beat him badly. But after this incident, the groom refused to marry.

The bridal party celebrated the groom and his family throughout the night. But the bridegroom was not satisfied. Then in the morning the marriage procession returned without the bride. It is being said that the demanding young man wanted to marry the bride. He came there when he came to know about the bride’s marriage. Before the groom, he was the one who applied vermilion on the bride’s forehead.

The case is from a village in Koirauna police station area of ​​Bhadohi. The procession arrived here from Mungra Badshahpur Ram Chowki Bind Basti in Jaunpur district on Tuesday night. After performing the dwarchar ceremony, the wedding guests arranged for food and drink. After which preparations for the wedding ceremony started late at night. The bride also came to Ossory. While the marriage ceremonies were going on, a young man, a relative of the bride’s party, came to the mandap and applied vermilion to the bride’s forehead.

Beat up a lot

Everyone was stunned by the sudden incident. The bride’s party beat the young man a lot. On the other hand, the groom also got angry and refused to marry. The bride’s side made all efforts to convince the groom. He tried to convince his family members too but it didn’t work out. The discussion continued throughout the night. Then on Wednesday morning, the wedding procession returned without the bride.

An attempt to provoke the groom

It is being told that the young man who demanded the bride wanted to marry her for a long time. The family was not ready for this marriage due to relatives. After this he also tried to prevent the girl from getting married elsewhere. Not only this, an attempt was made to provoke the bridegroom, who arrived with the wedding procession, about the girl. When he didn’t get his money anywhere, the young man demanded a bride in front of everyone in the pavilion itself. So far no one has filed a complaint with the police

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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