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Priyanka Chopra broke up the partnership a few months back, now going to lock down New York restaurant ‘Sona’.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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New York restaurant ‘Sona’ is closing

Apart from being a great actress, Priyanka Chopra also has good business sense. Apart from films, he earns in many other ways. Be it any investment or any business. Until a few months ago, Priyanka was a partner of New York restaurant ‘Sona’. But she has already ended her partnership with this hotel. Now in the meantime the news has come out that this restaurant is being closed.

The taste of Indian cuisine was also served abroad in New York’s restaurant ‘Sona’. Famous and big personalities frequented this restaurant. Priyanka also organized a special pooja with her family before starting this. Now it has been announced that June 30 is the last day of ‘Sona’. A post has also been shared along with the advertisement.

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In the post, it is written that, after three wonderful years, gold is going to stop. We are so thankful for everyone who comes through our doors. It is our greatest honor to serve you.” It adds, “Sona’s final service will be Sunday brunch on June 30.” 3 years ago in 2021, Priyanka opened this restaurant in partnership with her friend Manish Goyal in New York City.

After two years, Priyanka Chopra ended her ‘Sona’ partnership with her friend. According to a People report, the actress ended her partnership with Sona in 2023. The statement of Priyanka’s representative has come out on this news. He says “Bringing Sona into his life was always the proudest and most important moment of his career. Priyanka has always tried to bring forward Indian culture through storytelling.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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