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Prayagraj is at the back of the top 30 in the best city ranking

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Prayagraj is behind in the ranking

Prayagraj, one of the 100 smart cities to be built in the country, has slowed down. Prayagraj has lagged behind in development work. Although Prayagraj is included in the Smart City, Prayagraj is not working as it should be in a Smart City. Prayagraj has dropped out of the top 20 in the statistics released by the Government of India. A budget of around Rs 930 crore was given for the development works of Prayagraj. In which around 860 crore rupees have been spent, but still Prayagraj’s position in the ranking of the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is dismal. As many as 104 works including minor works have been completed, but five major works are still pending.

What did manager Sanjay Rath say on the ranking?

Sanjay Rath, manager of Smart City Mission Prayagraj, said that this ranking does not matter. Rankings on websites go up and down. Because instantly uploading the information of the cities where the development works are being completed online increases the ranking on the website. About 90 percent of the work in Prayagraj under the Smart City Mission has been completed. In fact 10 percent 5 major works are still pending. Under the Smart City Mission, 104 works including minor and major works have been completed in Prayagraj so far. If the construction of the multi-purpose building is completed soon, Prayagraj will be ranked among the under 20 cities.

How did the ranking of Prayagraj deteriorate?

The central government has selected 100 cities for making smart cities. Many modern works are being done in these cities. Under which works like road construction, bus stand street lights, CCTV cameras, public bike sharing, smart library and smart classrooms are being done.

The quality of senior citizen care center, bus stand street lights, CCTV cameras, public bike sharing etc. has deteriorated. Most of the bus stands are dilapidated, open gyms. The condition of pathways and public bike sharing has deteriorated. Due to the above reasons, the ranking of Prayagraj has fallen behind.

After Mahakumbh, Prayagraj will rank in top 3: Mayor

After coming to the bottom of the ranking, the mayor of Prayagraj said that the ranking will come to the top 3 due to the development works being done during the preparation of Maha Kumbh. The development works being done in the entire district regarding Mahakumbh will be completed in two-four months. Efforts will be made to continuously improve the ranking of all development works.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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