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Pooja, Annu, Anuradha… now gangsters and gangs are also working with the help of Lady Don.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Gangsters with the help of Lady Dawn

Two of the country’s biggest gangs, whose battle for supremacy has claimed dozens of lives over the past year, are now recruiting lady gangsters into their gangs. The objective is to kill the operatives of the enemy gang by pulling them out of the hole through the honey trap. If sources are to be believed, this recruitment of lady gangsters is being done through social media platforms, and recent incidents are proof that this strategy is working.

Pooja, the lady gangster of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, also grew close to Lawrence’s close associate Rohit Godara through social media platforms and established a strong position for herself in the gang. This is the reason why Lawrence assigns Pooja to kill the notorious gangster Bhuppi Rana of his enemy gang Bambiha. Similarly, on the same lines gangster Himanshu Bhau used lady gangster Annu as a lethal weapon to eliminate his opponent. Annu has now carved out an important place for himself in the Bambiha-Himanshu Bhau gang.

A lady gangster who carries out target killing

The girl whose name is emerging in the Aman murder case at the Burger King in Rajouri Garden area two days ago is said to be Himanshubhai’s close friend Pooja, who lured the Lawrence gang enemy into a honey-trap and invited him on a date at the Burger King. His target killing was carried out. According to sources, Annu is a resident of Rohtak, Haryana. About 6 months ago he was linked with US based gangster Himanshu Bhau through social media. Annu was obsessed with entering the world of crime and then chose Himashubhai over Lawrence Bishnoi. After that Annu left home and severed ties with the family. Annu’s family has also filed a case of abduction of their daughter in Haryana.

Annu was seen in the CCTV footage

The pictures of Annu with the gun on social media are enough to show how deeply Annu was haunted by the specter of being a part of the underworld. Not only this, if sources associated with investigating agencies are to be believed, CCTV footage shows Annu along with shooters Ashish Kalu and Vicky Ridana who carried out the Aman massacre in Rajouri Garden. Annu was staying in Delhi for the past few days. If sources are to be believed, the lady gangster Annu got to know Aman through social media and then the incident was carried out as per Himanshubhai’s plan.

Somewhere the daughter and somewhere the lover is taking orders.

There was a time when the lady don Anuradha alias Madam Minz who was very close to Anandpal, who was Loresh Bishnoi’s guru, was a byword in the crime world, that’s why she was called the lady don, but then Anuradha left. Left the path of crime by studying the world of crime and law. Recently, Anuradha Chaudhary got married to gangster Kala Jethedi in Tihar. On the other hand, according to intelligence agencies, the daughter of notorious Rajasthan gangster Anandpal, who is currently living abroad, is now commanding the Anandpal gang.

Lady Dawn became synonymous with terror

That is, there is a clear indication that anti-lady gangsters have started in the clan of gangsters who have become synonymous with terror in the country. Similarly, recently arrested scrap mafia Ravi Kana’s girlfriend Kajal Jha from Thailand was running his crime empire. It was Kajal Jha’s hard work and brains behind setting up a nexus of Noida’s scrap mafia, with the help of which Kana built an alliance of industrialists, police, administration and journalists. But, now both Ravi Kana and Kajal Jha are behind bars.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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