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PM Narendra Modi Speech: ‘Is EVM alive or dead’? What did PM Narendra Modi say?

Pratik Mehta

By Pratik Mehta

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi was today elected as the parliamentary leader of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance. After this, he guided the MPs present. On this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted Bharat Aghadi through EVM. “When the results were coming on June 4, I was busy with work. At that time I asked someone, the figures are fine. But tell me, is EVM alive or dead? Because these people had already decided that India’s democracy should be lost, so they were condemning EVM. But on the evening of June 4, they were praised. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, EVM silenced them.

“This is the strength of India’s democracy, of impartiality, of the Election Commission. I hope that the sound of EVM will not be heard for the next five years. 2029 will bring EVMs again. During the elections, I saw that every third day there was an attempt to obstruct the work of the Election Commission. It went up to the Supreme Court. There was only one gang doing all this. Criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said, these were all people who have no faith in democracy.

‘Most of the force was spent there’

“The Supreme Court was used to create hurdles. A large part of the Election Commission’s strength was spent there. They entered the fray with a lot of frustration. The Election Commission was attacked. Whatever the result, it was their conspiracy to defame India. The country will never forgive them,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged.

‘Indian Leaders of the Last Century’

“The leaders of the India Alliance oppose EVMs. Technology is not important for them. They are not ready to accept technology. The leaders of India are people of the last century. They are against progress, modernity and technology,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

Pratik Mehta

Pratik Mehta

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