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PM Narendra Modi: Narendra Modi threatened only those whom he trusted, that’s why…

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi won for the third time in Varanasi. But, his rival Congress candidate Ajay Rai gave a tough fight to Modi. This situation is not just of Varanasi. In this election, the performance of Congress across the country is better than the last two elections. That is why the BJP high command has instructed the leaders to do a booth-wise review. Information about booth-wise votes is being sought from the public representatives, former public representatives, office bearers of the party. Public representatives and leaders have started demanding that the high command should take responsibility and take action against such people. As Modi’s victory margin has reduced, allegations of factionalism within the party have started coming up. However, it is important to see which factors contributed to reducing Modi’s victory margin.

Vote in favour of Ajay Rai in South Rohania and Sewapuri towns

The results of the Varanasi Lok Sabha elections have made many things clear. The communities on which the BJP relied in Uttar Pradesh were included in the social mainstream. These results themselves tell that they have posed a threat. Therefore, it is not surprising that after the election results, the margin of victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come down to less than three lakhs. Voters from five assembly constituencies of the Lok Sabha constituency participated in the contest between Congress candidate Ajay Rai and Prime Minister Modi. Out of the five assembly constituencies, Prime Minister Modi could not cross the figure of one lakh votes only in South City Assembly constituency. At the same time, in Rohania and Sevapuri assembly constituencies, which are considered strongholds of the BJP, BJP was seen standing with Bharat Aghadi by changing sides. Ajay Rai got a total of 40.74 percent votes, which is the highest vote percentage in the 72-year history of the Congress.

The dream project of Varanasi MP PM Modi in the last 10 years is Kashi Vishwanath Dham or giving a new look to Ganga Ghats as well as construction of new Namo Ghat or making Pakka Mahal (old city) area smart and other works. All these works are of the department of South Assembly constituency. However, despite this, the voters of City South gave less than one lakh i.e. 97 thousand 878 votes to PM Modi. At the same time, Congress candidate Ajay Rai got more than 81 thousand votes. Ajay Rai was also a few votes behind PM Modi in postal ballots. PM Modi got 1531 votes and Ajay Rai got 1373 votes.

Bhumihar Patel changed the game

The number of Bhumihar and Patel voters is the highest in Sevapuri and Rohania assembly constituencies of Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency. In the last election, the margin of victory of Prime Minister Modi had increased due to the huge votes received in these two assembly constituencies. To attract Bhumihar voters, BJP made Dharmendra Rai an MLA before the elections. In such a situation, the important responsibility of election director of Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency has been given to former MLA Surendra Narayan Singh. BJP in-charge Ashwini Tyagi is also from this community. Not only this, Bhumihar leaders were given more preference in the campaign. For the last two months, Bhumihar leaders were visiting the house of every Bhumihar voter in Sevapuri and Rohania. Apna Dal (S) leaders were luring Patel voters. It was thought that these two areas would become the base of PM Modi. But, when the door of the EVM machine was opened, everyone was surprised. It is clear from the vote figures that along with the tribal brothers, the Patel community is also not behind in supporting Ajay Rai.

Candidate Narendra Modi Ajay Rai Differences in Opinions
South of the city 97878 81732 1032
City North 131241 101731 4173
Varanasi Cantt 145922 87645 3423
Rohania 127508 101225 10527
Sewapuri 108890 86751 14491

Kant played an important role in Modi’s victory

Voters of Cantt Assembly constituency played a big role in making PM Modi win Varanasi for the third time by 1.5 lakh votes. Out of the five assembly constituencies, PM Modi got the highest number of votes i.e. 1.5 lakh votes in Cantt. City North Assembly constituency is at second place. Here too, votes were cast in favour of PM Modi. Muslim voters in Urban South played a major role in reducing the margin of PM Modi’s victory in a one-sided contest with Ajay Rai.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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