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PM Modi arrives in Russia: Will India teach China a lesson along with its Rs 60 billion trading partner?

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Russia. This is not just any trip. This visit is from a friendly country that has helped India on many occasions. At the same time, India has also recommended and supported Russia on many occasions. This visit is also important so that, together with Russia, China, which is keeping a close eye on India’s borders, can be taught a lesson. What is special is that there is a trade of 60 billion dollars between Russia and India.

Russia and India are also considered very close to each other. It is expected that India may try to strengthen the country’s air defence by signing many defence agreements. So that the nefarious activities of China and Pakistan can be responded to. On the other hand, talks can also be held to correct the trade imbalance between India and Russia. Let us also tell you how important Russia’s visit to India can be.

First trip to Russia in 5 years

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Russia on Monday for the first time in five years. He is visiting Russia at a time when Moscow is steadily deepening its relations with New Delhi’s rival China. During the visit, Modi will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. Indian External Affairs Minister Vinay Kwatra told reporters in New Delhi that given the lack of recent summits, there are a number of issues piling up on the bilateral agenda that need attention.

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Senior diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that while major announcements are unlikely, the purpose of Modi’s visit is to signal that the two sides remain close. Russia’s relations with India date back to the Cold War and India is India’s largest supplier of arms and oil. Kwatra said the relationship between the two countries remains fairly flexible.

What is India’s concern?

On the other hand, India is also being very careful. The reason for this is the proximity of Russia and China. Which has served as an economic and diplomatic lifeline amid sanctions over the Kremlin’s brutal war on Ukraine. During a security summit held in Kazakhstan last week, Putin described relations with China as “the best in history.” Relations between India and China have deteriorated significantly since the border dispute escalated into violence in 2020. However, both sides have agreed to hold talks to resolve the disagreement.

Petr Topichkanov, a senior fellow at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, said India, sandwiched between Russia, China and the West, wants more predictability from Russia and is also willing to play a bigger role in promoting peace in Ukraine. He said Putin may still have to face questions from Modi about the growing close relations between Russia and China.

Not only India, but also Russia benefits

This is Modi’s first bilateral visit after assuming his third consecutive term last month. His decision to visit Russia instead of neighbouring countries like Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka marks a break from the tradition of Indian leaders. Moreover, this visit by Prime Minister Modi is also very important for Russia. This completely fails the way Western countries tried to portray Putin as untouchable after the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Apart from this, Modi will also greatly strengthen economic relations between the two countries through this visit.

Emphasis on creating trade balance

Kwatra said talks can also be held to reduce the trade imbalance between the two countries. India currently imports goods worth about $60 billion a year. While Russia imports less than $5 billion from India. According to India’s top diplomat, China’s actions in the Indo-Pacific could also come to light. While in previous years Indian and Russian leaders met every year, Modi stopped attending such summits after Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine in 2022. The last meeting between the two took place that year on the occasion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting in Uzbekistan.

What does India want from Russia in terms of defence?

According to Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Moscow-based defense think tank Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, future arms deals could also be on the agenda. He said Russia can supply India with new air defense systems and Su-30MKI fighter jets, as well as licensed production of Ka-226T multipurpose helicopters. India is facing a severe shortage of fighter jets and is considering buying a dozen more planes from Russia to make up for the planes lost in accidents.

What’s going on with the American?

Modi’s visit comes just weeks after a team of senior US officials visited India to discuss cooperation in technology, security and investment. Modi has demanded a deeper partnership with the US and is pushing the US to promote technology transfer and foreign investment. The US sees India as a partner against China, but this relationship has disappointed Washington many times. Modi has refused to condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine, even as he emphasises diplomacy. US prosecutors are also investigating an alleged murder-for-hire plot on US soil, which they say involves senior Indian officials.

I will meet them too

In late June, US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said that US officials have expressed concerns to New Delhi about India-Russia relations, but Washington maintains confidence in India and wants to expand ties. In addition to talks with Putin, Modi is also expected to meet members of the Indian community in Russia. According to the Indian embassy, ​​about 14,000 Indians live there, including 4,500 students.

Sagar Patel

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